Paul Herdsman Offers Some Tips For Entrepreneurs

Paul Herdsman is a successful businessman who has had the opportunity to build his own company from the ground up. He is the co-founder of the business solutions company NICE Global which is based in Jamaica.


NICE Global takes on tasks like software and hardware troubleshooting for various businesses and outsourcing customer service representatives. But what’s most important to them is offering employment to Jamaicans who haven’t been able to get work at other companies, and those who get through training are given great benefits while on the workforce. NICE Global also gets involved with local community fundraisers.


Recently, Paul Herdsman offered some Business Tips to budding entrepreneurs.


According to Mr. Herdsman, an entrepreneur has to always maintain a positive attitude. Negativity waists energy and time. One way for an entrepreneur to stay positive is for an entrepreneur to always do work that he loves. When an entrepreneur is excited, it is easier to remain positive.


Mr. Herdsman emphasized a clear vision is what an entrepreneur needs in the business to be successful. She should visualize what the business will look like a few months and years down the roads. She should be willing to take risks in order to accomplish the vision.


No matter what type of business an entrepreneur is engaged in, it is necessary to build a good team. No one can do everything. Helpers are needed. It is important to take the time needed for team building. No shortcuts can be taken in building an effective company.


Everyone who is involved in a business enterprise will make a mistake once in a while. Mr. Paul Herdsman believes that it is important for all entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes. When one learns from their mistakes, it allows one to remain persistent in moving on towards the goal of building a successful company.


Customers are the lifeblood of a business. An entrepreneur needs to know who his target customers are. Once the target customers are identified, the customers’ needs must be met on a consistent basis. Customer service is of vital importance. See This Page for additional information.


Finally, Paul Herdsman believes that all entrepreneurs need a mentor. An entrepreneur should find another successful businessperson to help him with questions about the business world.



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How Dr. Mark Mofid Advanced Gluteal Augmentation Procedures

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who lives and works in the San Diego area. One of his most popular procedures is gluteal augmentation. He has done quite a bit of work to make this type of surgery both safer and more effective. He says that this procedure gets a bum rap from many people in America because they usually only hear about it when something goes awry. He is on a mission to change this public perception and make it as popular a procedure to have as it is in Brazil, the gluteal augmentation capital of the world.

When Dr. Mark Mofid first started doing this type of procedure several years ago he wasn’t happy with the implants in use back then. He says they were prone to slipping out of place and they didn’t provide the most natural look. He poured hundreds of hours into research coming up with a new implant which is now being used by many other plastic surgeons who do this type of procedure. His implant works with muscular system to stay firmly in place. Because it has a lower profile than the older implants it also presents a much more natural look.

As of 2012 there were more than 20,000 gluteal augmentation procedures performed each year in Brazil. Meanwhile there were just about 1,000 of this type of procedure performed in the United States in that year. When Dr. Mark Mofid decided to learn about how to do this type of procedure he decided the best way to learn would be to go to Brazil and learn from the experts there. This led him to Dr. Gonzalez who has been doing this procedure since 1984. He says he learned a lot from Dr. Gonzalez and this led to him learning everything he needed to know to successfully do this type of procedure himself.

Dr. Mark Mofid has a clinic located in La Jolla, just outside of San Diego. He is a graduate of Harvard University and earned his at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has thousands of patient visits each year and is accepting new patients presently.

Jeff Herman: Advocate For The Abused

Abuse, sexual, physical or emotional is a vile act. The victim often blames themselves and will not fight back. The offender often rationalizes the abuse. 93% of all juvenile victims, know the perpetrator.


These are some of the views and statistics Jeff Herman must deal with. Herman Law in Baco Raton, Florida is a voice for victims of abuse. There are precious few; Jeff Herman is one of the very best voices.


Jeff Herman, nationally recognized, sees his practice as an advocate for the victim. Herman and his team deal with the worst of humanity. The victim’s experience and Herman Law’s intense passions never deter their responsibility. Recently, Jeff needed biometric training to stave off effects of the emotional work.


Jeff Herman’s success has been the result of a motivated, streamlined and focused mind. Doctors helped Jeff to become empathetic for his clients, without owning those feelings. The powerful emotions were beginning to consume the attorney.


Currently as Managing Partner at Herman Law, Herman’s national reputation took him to a case in Pennsylvania. The abuse involved the Diocese of Allentown and specifically Rev. Msgr Francis Nave. The victim, a 16-year-old boy. From the beginning, the victim made the Msgr aware of his age. Jeff Herman made the statement, “it is appalling that in 2018 there are still sexual predators in the Catholic Church disguising themselves as men of God.” Watch Jeff Herman’s videos in


Jeff Herman believes it has never been more critical for parents to recognize signs of sexual abuse.


  • Start talking to kids at an early age. Give your child a way to discuss things later on.
  • Make sure your child knows how to say no.
  • Your children need to know who they can trust.
  • Keep an open line of communication with your children.


Adults must know how to spot the signs of abuse; children are no match for seasoned predators. Jeff advises parents, develop trust; this will open communication lines. Have access to your kid’s online accounts. Keep a close eye on adults in your kid’s lives. The vigilance must extend everywhere your children interact. Watch for any signs of different behavior in your children. Jeff Herman says to be an Advocate For Your Child.




Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers

While growing up, Alex Pall was a D.J around the New York area, he then realized that he was more passionate about dance music. Alex Pall’s manager had introduced him to the other half of the Chainsmokers, which would be Andrew Taggart. After getting along great,

Alex Pall quit his job, and Andrew had moved to New York from Maine, this is how the Chainsmokers were born.

The Chainsmokers are very successful and passionate about their work, because of their ambition and drive to succeed, and working everyday on their music from nine in the morning until seven at night, they have successfully made it big. By pinpointing what each person brought to the table, and the strengths and weaknesses of each member, they practiced to better themselves in all possible angles. By trying different things and working together with each owns deliverance and ideas, the Chainsmokers are now a well known group, that is heard on the radio daily.

Alex Pall has stated that all of the Chainsmokers songs, are written by him and Andrew, and that the songs are mainly about the duos lives. Each song has a part of Andrew and Alex Pall in them, either by being completely written by them, or being guided by them with professional songwriters.

When asked about who listens to their music most, Alex Pall stated that the Chainsmokers are now being heard international, and both boys and girls, aged sixteen to twenty-five are what keep the group going. Thanks to Instagram, Alex Pall can see what types of fans the group has and from where they are from.

Alex Pall and Andrew have been around the world performing, and feel like since their fan base is expanding, and the Chainsmokers are blowing up big time, than there is a little bit of pressure to do bigger and better things. They believe in giving people the best entertainment and shows possible, by pushing themselves further to try new and different things to keep everyone entertained.

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Jeff Yastine; Total Wealth Insider Offers you Viable Investment Insight

Jeff Yastine; Total Wealth Insider Offers you Viable Investment Insight

When it comes to making the right decision in investment, then Jeff Yastine is one individual who has perfected his art by conducting extensive research to ensure that his clients do not fail. Jeff Yastine is the chief editor of a prominent newsletter called Total Wealth Insider. First joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, he has been serving as the editorial director in charge of the publishing department. With him is an extensive experience bordering a lot of interviews with some of the world’s most influential investors including Warren Buffet and Michael Dell.

A Look at Yastine’s Career

As he puts it on his personal website, Yastine is a former financial journalist who worked with many corporations before settling in Banyan Hill Publishing. For instance, he worked as the primary anchor as well as correspondent of PBS Nightly Business Report between 1994 and 2010. While serving in the company, he made sure that he was in a position to interact with high-profile investors who shared extensive knowledge on how to approach different investment opportunities including avoiding risky investments. It is through such interactions that Jeff Yastine managed to establish a long-term career because he was now able to apply the same knowledge in making investment decisions.

The Market Crash

Apart from that, Yastine learned that it is important to start saving early enough. This lesson was based on the 1987 market crash that crippled the world’s economy. Just at 23 years old, Yastine was working for NBC’s affiliate in Florida. However, he owned no stocks. The crash served as a wakeup call as he now had to think of ways to invest in different businesses and benefit in the long run. From that day, Yastine has focused his career on finding viable solutions for business owners who need guidance on investment. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.


Because he is now part of Banyan Hill Publishing, he is well acquainted with various investment management strategies and uses them to help people in foretelling the future of stocks. As the editor of the company, Yastine strives to work with clients in securing their future through avoiding high-risk investment strategies.

The Observation

Conclusively, Jeff Yastine is a skilled investment expert who applies the wealth of knowledge he garnered from his past experiences to help his peers and other investors in making sound decisions. With the lessons he has learned in the past, he is always in a position to highlight the key areas of interest that every aspiring business professional should look into. Visit:


Review of Avatrade, Foreign Exchange Giant that is Spreading Worldwide

When deciding on a company to use for foreign exchange trading choose Avatrade. They’ve become one of the greatest international forex brokers in the world and even though founded in 2006, there actually one of the oldest online brokers. Having been able to create foundations of work with in other countries worldwide such as the British Virgin Island, Japan, Ireland, and Australia and are respected in the online broker trading realm because of client interactions across the globe that agree with their foreign exchange trading practices.


When choosing a foreign exchange broker or Forex broker it is extremely important that they are regulated for their competence in their ability to be trusted with clients as Avatrade is one of the companies that has several authorities constantly regulating them and reviewing their work even in countries where they don’t have offices such as South Africa. They had become extremely reputable and reliable able to win awards such as Best Customer Service and Best Forex broker of the Year.


Some of Avatrades most impressive feats are their ability to trade on multiple platforms such as Mac, mobile trading, Web trading, floating spreads and many more. These features suit individual’s needs and terms of how their interested in trading. But something that many people are excited about is that Avatrade offers many bonuses and promos for individuals that sign up and those who remain consistent throughout many years. They currently have a bonus for new traders to received $14,000 and this is determined by your initial deposit. It is also possible to give a 100% of the deposit back over the course of several promotions with Avatrade. Another bonus or promo that Avatrade gives out is referral bonuses. With each successful individual that you align to work with Avatrade and they actually begin trading it is possible to receive from 75 to $400.


Avatrade continues in to excel in a wide variety of trading options as individual can trade currency pairs, over 50 types including the major and minor types for 24 hours A-day 7 days a week. They also able to trade cryptocurrencies, bonds, commodities, ETF’s and more in all these trade options allow their clients to have the most diversified portfolio keeping their funds safe for themselves, for their families, and for their future investments.

Check Out Matt Badiali’s Information About Freedom Checks

Banyan Hill Publishing serves as a top home for scores of financial experts. Their writing and editorial skills help the company’s primary website and various subscription-based newsletters inform scores of knowledge-hungry readers. Contributing Editor Matt Badiali certainly has done his part to provide readers with solid information.

In addition to providing editorial duties, Matt Badiali acts as the Chief Resource Investment Expert for the company. Badiali seeks to inform readers about a multitude of topics. In particular, he wants the readership to know about the existing opportunity to receive “freedom checks.” There’s a lot of freedom check money to go around. More than $34 billion in check distributions could be cashed by lucky investors.

Upon learning about freedom checks, people wish to learn how they can receive their cut. Freedom checks aren’t government distributions. So, unlike social security, someone can’t sign up for a freedom check deal once reaching a certain age and meeting other criteria. Visit to learn more

Matt Badiali points out that freedom checks come from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), a form of publicly traded partnerships. In order to receive a distribution from an MLP, someone must first invest in one. What is the investor putting money into? MLPs focus on domestic oil and natural gas endeavors.

A number of investors did earn significant returns. Reportedly, one investor named Doug Smith received a check in excess of $24,000. The nice sum is actually dwarfed by the payouts others received.

Obviously, an MLP must generate revenue in order to pay out any distributions. Such would be the case with almost any other type of business partnership investment strategy. Risks do exist. Those comfortable with the risks vs. rewards associated with MLPs may find putting money into them worth thinking about.

Concerns about the legitimacy of Master Limited Partnerships likely arise in people’s minds. Upon looking closer at where MLPs come from, their design derives from laws passed by Congress. MLPs do not need to pay taxes as long as they pay out 90% of their revenue to investors and put 90% of their money into domestic oil and gas ventures.

Matt Badiali often mentions freedom checks and MLPs in the context of retirement planning. Matt Badiali discussed the minuscule payments many receive from social security. Maximizing personal wealth can make retirement a lot easier and far freer. Retirement eventually arrives one day. Why not be prepared for it by educating yourself about all manner of unique investment strategies now? Read More:


Paul Mampilly Says Investing In The Future Means Looking At Big Data

What will the future look like in an Internet of Things (IoT) world? That can be tricky to figure out according to Paul Mampilly because not every patent works out in a way that’s practical for general consumers. But there are many that are starting to use internet data and high tech transmission such as the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G aircraft engine that uses that data to detect any potential problems that could pose flight risks. Mampilly also says robotics and self-driving vehicles will soon be flooding the market and Big Data will be the key investment for most large companies. Mampilly says now is a good time to look into IoT companies before they put a stop to most traditional industries by buying IoT stocks such as the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF. Follow Paul on Twitter.

Paul Mampilly has been researching and buying stocks since he began in investment banking back in the early 1990s. He was born in India and his family paid for him to attend college at Montclair State University in New Jersey as a young man. After getting his degree in economics and finance, he spent more than 10 years of his career in banking at Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust and ING. Mampillyfounded Capuchin Consulting in 2003 and then became a multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager at Kinetics International Fund in 2006. The portfolios of the institutional investors served at this hedge fund were found to be making returns upward of 26℅ annually.

Paul Mampilly was earning very high compensation for his work at the hedge fund, but he didn’t want to stay on the job for long. He often found himself working long hours and not having as much time to spend with his children. Determined to do what he loved another way, he retired from the Wall Street hedge fund and investment banking scene. Banyan Hill became his place to write because they allow their authors to explain investing terminology in their own words and recommend their own investment funds. Paul Mampilly also wanted to reach readers who were left out by the big Wall Street banks and give them a chance to make the same kind of return percentages as the elites. He began showing people how to do this with the beginning of “Profits Unlimited” which grew popular practically overnight. Since then he’s added two more newsletters and contributes to one of Banyan Hill’s daily free newsletters. Some of the most profitable stocks he’s owned include Netflix in its early stage, Olympus Corporation, Whole Foods and Exact Sciences.Learn more:


Brazilian Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago Builds The Amazing Manaira Shopping Mall

All across Brazil people are beginning to call entrepreneur Roberto Santiago the ‘Mall Mogul’ because of the success of his Manaira Shopping Mall that opened in 1989, the Mangeira Shopping Mall which opened in 2013 and several other malls Santiago built all across Brazil. Before getting into the mall building business, Roberto Santiago was known throughout Brazil as a blogger and a kart and motocross driver. His business career included a stint as a popular employee for Café Santa Rosa and working at a facility that made cardboard boxes. Santiago then started his own cardboard box company which prospered when he began making decorative boxes that got the attention of the tourist crowd. But it was when he ventured into real estate that Roberto Santiago began to become wealthy.


Born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, Roberto Santiago had a normal childhood. He was a student at Pio X-Marist College as a youngster. He then went on to earn a business administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. That business training and his background in real estate would come in handy in 1987 when he began buying land and preparing to build his first mall, Manaira Shopping Mall, in Joao Pessoa. Through his vision, business experience and understanding of the needs and desires of the Brazilian people, the fantastic mall Roberto Santiago built was an instant hit.


The size, scale and diversity of Manaira Shopping Mall is impressive. It has over 300 stores selling everything from clothing, jewelry, sporting goods and musical instruments to furniture and tools. The food court is massive and offers Brazilian specialties, international cuisine, fine dining and every type of fast food imaginable. Plus, it has an 18,000 foot fun area with all the latest, most popular electronic games for children and adults. The mall also has a bank, a school, a gym and 11 movie theatres. It’s a place people can spend hours on end having fun.


Domus Hall, a two-level entertainment venue located on the roof of the mall, added in 2009 is also a major attraction. The soundproof, fully air conditioned facility can hold 10,000 people and has a spectacular state-of-the-art sound system. It has hosted weddings, festivals, conferences, graduations and concerts featuring Brazil’s top entertainers as well as international mega stars. It’s a place Brazilians from all walks of life gather to party and have a great time.


Roberto Santiago is a rising star in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Mall has attracted much attention. When in 2013 he opened Mangeira Shopping Mall, also located in Joao Pessoa, local people were ecstatic. The malls have become the center of life in the region and Roberto Santiago has made the locals, proud, happy and prosperous.


Jeff Yastine: The Writer Helping People Understand The Financial Field Through Total Wealth Insider

Being able to find the best financial opportunities and make the most use of them is not something everyone can do, especially if someone is not familiar with the financial field. Americans all over the country miss out on opportunities to be able to make money because of their lack of knowledge regarding the subject, which is an incredible amount of wasted potential.

Jeff Yastine, a prominent name in the financial field realized the abundance of people who want to be able to make more money than just their day jobs, but find it difficult to grasp the concepts that the financial world works on. He knew the challenges that people often face, which is why he decided to help the general population through his writing. Currently, Yastine stands as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, a publication that has a wide range of well-reputed blogs under their umbrella. He writes on a blog known as Total Wealth Insider, which offers readers a unique look at the financial world and the potential that one sees in it. Through the blog, readers can see the potential developments in the financial field, and the potential opportunities that they can make use of. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

One of the key reasons why Jeff Yastine has become such a prominent blogger among the list of editors is because of his approach towards finance and the writing that he presents to the audience. Yastine tries to make his blogs as engaging as possible while adding something relatable in every piece that he writes. Demonstrating practical examples is also something that Jeff Yastine regularly does, which is why his readers can fully grasp the concept that he is talking about.

Yastine first started writing for Total Wealth Insider in 2015 and since then has watched his reader base grow immensely over the years. People from all over the world are subscribed to the work that he has put out and eagerly wait for the new blog posts so that they can get their latest scoop on the developments that are taking place in the financial field.

A lot of the work that Jeff Yastine puts out is all based on the knowledge that he has gained over the years working as a stockbroker. He has worked in some of the most notable financial companies in the country and has proven to be a brilliant professional in the field. Learn more: