What it is Like to Shop in Fabletics

Over the past few years, the fashion industry has been experiencing many changes regarding trend and the mode of operations. These particular changes are influenced by the continuing technology advancements which mean improvements in the way the fashion industry operates. Also the shifts in the customer’s taste results into increase in demand for more goods. Kate Hudson is among the few fashionistas who have contributed significantly to the fashion industry particularly the women fashion line. Kate is an actress and the founder of Fabletics, a famous online store dealing with female sportswear. It was during a simple research that Kate saw that there was a need for a clothes store that sold sexy and affordable sportswear for the ladies. Forced by the urge to satisfy women’s need for sexy sportswear, Kate approached JustFab’s Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg and together they established Fabletics.


Since its establishment in 2013, Fabletics has continued to create a loyal customer base not only due to their product variety but also for providing cute and affordable sportswear that any girl would want. Most of their customer’s say that their sportswear are unique and stylish and that keeps them eagerly waiting for the next release. According to Kate, all their sports wears are designed in simple but high-quality materials to ensure that they last long and quite easy time when it comes to cleaning.


Fabletics is a membership platform which comes in two packages. One can either sign up for the regular or VIP membership. On regular membership, one is expected to just sign up for free using his/her email address to start shopping. When it comes to the VIP package, a monthly fee of $49.95 is required. In return, the VIP members get to purchase the sportswear at bit lower price as compared to regular members. Additionally, VIP members get fantastic deals as well free shipment offers on every purchase. Once one confirms that his order is on its way, he/she can either choose to continue as a VIP, cancel the VIP membership, or skip a month. The cancellation process is easy as it is done via a phone call.


Fabletics also sells other fabulous gym accessories such as bags, water bottles, socks, and headbands. According to Kate, their products sell real quick hence customers are always advised to make an order immediately they come across an item that interests them to avoid missing it. Kate Hudson takes pride that the store is continuing to win the trust of thousands of ladies across the world hence slowly achieving her long-term dream. With time, Fabletics is expected to record millions of sales due to their increasing sign ups. Also, Fabletics will open up more physical stores in every major city to top up the already existing ones.

Sam Tabar appointed COO of FullCycle Fund

Check out Tabar’s Facebook account here: https://www.facebook.com/samtabar11

The recent appointment of Sam Tabar as the chief operations   officer FullCycle Fund Company comes as no surprise, given the influential financial strategist’s experience in the financial industry. Tabar is a practicing attorney and successful entrepreneur based in the state of New York. He studied law at Columbia University and graduated with master’s degree in law. Earlier, he had attended Oxford University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. After his postgraduate studies, Tabar worked in several firms including Skadden, Slater, Arps and Meagher.

His vast leadership experience was gained in some of the world’s top financial institutions. After working as an associate at Flom LLP, he joined Merrill Lynch, where he worked as the Head of Capital Strategy before moving on to Schulte Roth and the Zabel LLP as a senior associate. He also worked as Hedge Fund Manager at the Bank of America. His other leadership experience includes his position as Deputy Manager of Marketing at Sparx Group, which is one of the largest independent funds in the world. He also runs a hedge fund firm that he started in 2014.

At FullCycle, Tabar will utilize his broad leadership experience to assist the firm to meet its objectives of reducing environmental pollution caused carbon emissions from fossil fuels. FullCycle invests in the recycling of municipal solid waste to produce a cleaner fuel and to minimize pollution. The firm works with Synova, another firm dedicated to the course. Through the application of their innovative model OLGA, the two companies are making significant steps towards powering communities around the world through cleaner fuels. FullCycle also supports the renovation and improvement of older electric generation stations since electric power is eco-friendly.

Sam Tabar has investments in other firms serving people around the world. Through THINX, he helps empower women around the world by providing hygiene-related products. He is an attorney with a passion for creating a better world. It is such dedication, coupled with skill and experience, that he will use at FullCycle to help achieve the company’s goals.

Flavio Maluf Trajectory in Eucatex Group

The popularity of Flavio Maluf comes from his professional position he serves as the chief executive officer of Eucatex South Africa Industria e Commercio. Apart from being a re-known Brazilian businessman, he is a mechanical engineer. He is the president of two companies namely; Eucatex and GrandFood. Socially, Flavio is married to Jacqueline Torres and the two are blessed with three children.

The legacy of Flavio Maluf in Eucatex Group runs back to the year 1987 when he started working there. Over the years, he has served several positions in the company. At first, he dealt with trade wing of the company but later he moved to the industrial area of the business. By 1996, he was promoted and became part of the executive of the Eucatex Group. His hard work in the executive brought a lot of success to the company. The success made him be appointed as the president of Eucatex Group in 1997. His leadership in the business is based on innovation and substantial investments in company’s new products. His first approach in the company was revolving around modernization of the enterprise’s management. These strategies have proved him right, and they have brought a lot of successes to the industry.

Eucatex Group began its operations in 1959, and it concentrated on environmental conservation, and at the same time, it used environmental products as raw materials. They manufactured plates and panels from eucalyptus.  Today, they have ventured broadly into furniture manufacturing and large civil construction industries.

Apart from all these interventions, Eucatex Group under Flavio has engaged in charity events, and it has involved in voluntary activities aimed at helping the poor in the community. Maluf has been a tremendous resource for the upcoming entrepreneurs who are opting to join the investing world. Flavio has continued to be a key player in coming up with environmentally friendly policies for the industries in the country.