Top Quality Healthcare at Copa Star Hospital

The Copa Star Hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The institution is termed as one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Brazil. The hospital has been constructed using the state-of-the-art technology and with the use of modern designs. The hospital serves the citizens of Rio de Janeiro and also the whole of Brazil. The hospital took three years to be completed. It was started in 2013. The main aim of the hospital was to minimize the need for patients to travel to other destinations to seek for specialized medical attention. The Copa star has been constructed to mimic the style and feel of a 5-star hotel.

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Patients get to enjoy some of the top cuisines prepared by some of the best chefs in the hospital’s dining area. Patients and their relatives can sit and enjoy fresh air at the neatly manicured outside spaces. The corridors of the hospital are designed to be airy and inviting. Patients at the Copa Star Hospital get to enjoy luxury, latest technology, and comfort. The hospital occupies an area of 21,000 square meters with seven floors. The hospital has a unique smart hospitality system where each patient is provided with an iPad to use. Patients can talk with their doctors, control the lighting of the room, close and open curtains, ask for nurse attention, and change the posture of the bed using the iPad.

The estimated value of Copa Star Hospital is R$400 million. The hospital is well equipped to perform the most complex surgeries. The operating rooms are fitted with MRI machines. Patients are assured of high qualified care. The luxury and sophisticated technology available at Copa Star facilitates quick recovery for all patients. Every patient who visits the facility gets to enjoy exclusive and personalized service. The Copa Star Hospital ensures that patients enjoy maximum privacy. This makes it the ideal hospital for celebrities and other high-end individuals. The team at the Copa Star had to undergo a two-month long mandatory training.

The Copa Star Hospital has 550 qualified and skilled employees. 113 of the number are doctors. The hospital sourced for some of the most qualified doctors in Brazil and other parts of the world so as to offer the most qualified care. The hospital has nine operating rooms, 41 ICU rooms, and many recovery rooms. The Copa Star Hospital allows patients to stay at the facility with a close family member during their recovery period. The hospital has become the pioneer hospital to have the Smart Hospitality System in Brazil. It hopes to spread the services to other hospitals in Brazil. It has become the go-to hospital for those seeking exclusive and top quality medical services. Read more at about Copa Star.

The Best Company For Public Safety – Securus Technologies

The company, Securus Technologies wants more people to know what they do on a regular basis so they have invited the public to visit their Dallas, TX business unit for a tour and presentation of the site. The people will be able to see firsthand what they are working on, what it does, and how it will help to protect the public. With this offer, the company wants the people to know that they care about their questions too.


The latest technology that the company has created is the Wireless Containment Solution. This was created to help the correction facilities around the nation to stop the crimes that were happening via the wireless networks. The inmates were accessing the networks with devices and cell phone in an attempt to commit crimes with people from the outside of the facilities. Since the Wireless Containment Solution was created, the facilities have more control, and they can catch the inmates that are doing it right away and take away their equipment too.


Other companies in the field were not able to compete with the company when it came to create this type of technology. Securus Technology is very proud to have been able to solve the problem that was happening.


Securus Technologies is the public safety leading company for quite a while because of their expertise, and they are intent on making the world a safer place for all to live in. They are in demand all across the nation, and the world respects them for what they can do in the field. They deal with the government on a constant basis. When they deal with a million plus prisoners, they use techniques such as videotaping, investigating and monitoring to make the situation more controlled for safety measures. The company’s dedicated staff is committed to completing any mission that they are sent to complete. They are professionals that have the expertise to compete the most difficult projects. Going into the future, the company is going to create new and better technologies for the public safety field, and they will continue to show up in the headlines.