Brazilian Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago Builds The Amazing Manaira Shopping Mall

All across Brazil people are beginning to call entrepreneur Roberto Santiago the ‘Mall Mogul’ because of the success of his Manaira Shopping Mall that opened in 1989, the Mangeira Shopping Mall which opened in 2013 and several other malls Santiago built all across Brazil. Before getting into the mall building business, Roberto Santiago was known throughout Brazil as a blogger and a kart and motocross driver. His business career included a stint as a popular employee for Café Santa Rosa and working at a facility that made cardboard boxes. Santiago then started his own cardboard box company which prospered when he began making decorative boxes that got the attention of the tourist crowd. But it was when he ventured into real estate that Roberto Santiago began to become wealthy.


Born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, Roberto Santiago had a normal childhood. He was a student at Pio X-Marist College as a youngster. He then went on to earn a business administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. That business training and his background in real estate would come in handy in 1987 when he began buying land and preparing to build his first mall, Manaira Shopping Mall, in Joao Pessoa. Through his vision, business experience and understanding of the needs and desires of the Brazilian people, the fantastic mall Roberto Santiago built was an instant hit.


The size, scale and diversity of Manaira Shopping Mall is impressive. It has over 300 stores selling everything from clothing, jewelry, sporting goods and musical instruments to furniture and tools. The food court is massive and offers Brazilian specialties, international cuisine, fine dining and every type of fast food imaginable. Plus, it has an 18,000 foot fun area with all the latest, most popular electronic games for children and adults. The mall also has a bank, a school, a gym and 11 movie theatres. It’s a place people can spend hours on end having fun.


Domus Hall, a two-level entertainment venue located on the roof of the mall, added in 2009 is also a major attraction. The soundproof, fully air conditioned facility can hold 10,000 people and has a spectacular state-of-the-art sound system. It has hosted weddings, festivals, conferences, graduations and concerts featuring Brazil’s top entertainers as well as international mega stars. It’s a place Brazilians from all walks of life gather to party and have a great time.


Roberto Santiago is a rising star in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Mall has attracted much attention. When in 2013 he opened Mangeira Shopping Mall, also located in Joao Pessoa, local people were ecstatic. The malls have become the center of life in the region and Roberto Santiago has made the locals, proud, happy and prosperous.