Bridget Scarr – on topic article

As the Executive Producer of Colibri Studios, Bridget Scarr has been bringing her creative content to life ever since her career beginnings in 2005. Bridget Scarr started off as a production manager at the Urban Brew Studios stationed in the Johannesburg area in South Africa. As part of the team, she helped with the development of various product commercials and live television shows. Her focus to shift careers as an executive at Colibri Studios was made after she wanted to be able to create all of her ideas under one roof, no matter what kind of creative content they might be. Scarr has dabbled in virtual reality, digital content, exhibition pieces and augmented reality. Her current augmented reality project lets individuals connect to history in a deep-seated way with stories from the common people who have lived during those times. The stories are from actual real people with diverse cultural backgrounds which allows the augmented reality project very relatable and memorable. One of Bridget’s former careers also involved tv production. She worked under Ogilvy & Mather as a freelance tv producer for Brand Activation in 2007. Some major brands she has dealt with while working there include: Peroni, Nestle, Motorola, Castle Lite and Miller.


Bridget Scarr graduated in 2004 with a BA Hons degree in drama at the Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. Scarr currently lives in London as an Executive Producer for Colibri Studios where she can focus on creating lifestyle programming formats and factual entertainment. The studio combines in-depth research and strategy through technology to develop projects that are immersed with thought provoking and compelling stories. Broadcasters and global production partners paired up with Colibri, helping them get on-board with the best talent. As Bridget works with Colibri Studios, she is excited to work with their virtual reality projects, one of the studios various mediums. She feels that virtual reality is a great way to connect people with a new engaging form of education. It has a strong capability to stir emotions when it is done correctly and it can offer countless ways for museums to create new exhibitions. Bridget Scarr has well over 15 years of experience as a producer. She vows to create the content she loves; things that are aesthetically pleasing, inspirational, thought-provoking, visually rich and awakened globally. The studio’s projects all have a unique flair about them and are beautifully executed with rich stories.


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