Paul Herdsman: Teaches Quality In Recovering A Business

In a world of business and leadership, there are challenges that owners handle the best way possible. In most cases, businesses fail or are sold to bigger corporations because of inadequacies in their foundations. Paul Herdsman helps businesses regain the strength to start all over again. Basically, Herdsman teaches them to start where the business first showed a sign of failing. With this type of business inventory, the problem always surfaces and becomes visible to business owners.


Currently, Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of Nice Global. Herdsman takes on helping individuals full-time by opening and restoring businesses through counseling. With live customer service available at Nice Global, there is no business that is not important to Herdsman. In fact, a representative of Nice Global will help a business through the steps taught by Paul. In conclusion, the combination of honesty and integrity helps all businesses gain the quality their business had at one point and time. In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


Herdsman has a business schedule that consists of structured organization with assistance from the company’s office administrator. Based out of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Paul Herdsman often explains the importance of having a great attitude. With this crucial advice, a business owner could turn an annual revenue around in a matter of 4 months. Once a business owner’s attitude changes for the better, the employees will have a better attitude. Primarily, this is based on proper training and handling of stressful consumers, clients with more than the average number of questions, and businesses that want to meet with the owners for every issue.Find Related Information Here.


Paul Herdsman knows that these types of clients exist. With that being said, the corporations that are trained through Nice Global are prepared to recover from company issues and help as many clients to continue promoting a successful business.


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As the globe changes and starts to advance the contribution businesses get from women, numerous organizations are cheerfully seeing the esteem that originates from the diversification of viewpoints and opinions. A considerable number of firms has grasped the lesson which is new to a few. An excellent example of the organization that was established through this idea is IC System (National Collection Agency).


It was created fundamentally by Erickson Ruth with the help of Jack, her husband. The organization has served and operated as the reference point for the empowerment of women. Women have added value to the firm’s progressively long history. From the time it was founded, Ruth was strict to its all activities. She became the head of the organization after her husband passed on. Ruth worked indefatigably to utilize her business intuition in the company. She was a formidable and tenacious entrepreneur. It was through this bold character that made her develop the main account receivable organization in the nation.


IC System is an organization that clings to right and tried methods which have showered it with a lot of successes. Ruth worked in sales, making trips to some organizations requiring her services. It was through this spirit that she gained the ability to develop a customer base which would frame the establishment of the operations of the company. She was a woman of diverse talents.


Apart from attracting new customers and making sales calls, Ruth was additionally gifted in managing everyday company’s activities. She typed letters to assist in collection efforts. Even though she had a lot of obligations, individuals around her were continually inspired by the measure of work she could achieve while participating in these sorts of ground-level exercises. Ruth’s extensive involvement in business assisted her to venture into computer systems.


Currently, the members of Ruth’s family are tasked with the mandate of managing IC System, and it is evident that the earliest principles and approaches that she instilled from the time the company was established, have a lingering effect up to now. The values that she brought on board are playing a vital role in the management of the organization up to date. IC System is a majorly women-owned company. Women hold the position of chairmanship and chief officer for compliance in the organization.


TeenSafe and The Reasons Many Companies and Shareholders Value Its Pipeline Offerings

Technology has become so ubiquitous today that it might even be impossible to find an average teen that’s not already using a smartphone. However, despite being such a useful powerful tool for security, education and amusement, these smartphones that children use could also be harmful. The parents of these children won’t be able to monitor their children all that well. Without the right digital tools, it’s hard for parents to navigate what their children have been doing or have been exposing themselves to. Fortunately, there are programs now like TeenSafe that have been offering parents the right tools to navigate the social media life of the modern world.


It’s also a source of enthusiasm for parents that TeenSafe just got recently featured during the nation’s Teen Driving Safety Week. The focus of this event is mainly on advocating for healthy driving practices across the entire country. The issue of car accidents involving teens have been already a national issue, and there has to be initiatives to address this. Thousands of people are already known to have been killed related to distracted driving. The people who are most vulnerable to this would be teens who are always driving while using their smartphones. With such efforts by TeenSafe, more teens would be saved from the risk of too much driving distraction that have been the prime cause of most major fatal car crashes.


About TeenSafe


The main offering of TeenSafe today would be the ability for parents to find all the means to navigate the social media life that they’re not too familiar with. The parents may be able to see sent, received and deleted SMS of their children to better safeguard their security and to better understand the possible consequences that they may have overlooked.


It is also the ability of TeenSafe to help parents see the incoming and outgoing calls of their children and view the third-party applications that their children have recently installed on their phones. Safety of teens is the prime motivation for TeenSafe’s business model, and with these offers from their pipeline, it’s easy to understand why the company is valued by many firms and investors.


Perry Mandera; Building a business empire anchored on philanthropy

Success in business and providing thousands of employment opportunities should not be an end in itself. However, it should be reinforced by humility and the heart of giving. Indeed, this is not a feature shared with many corporate executives, entrepreneurs, or investors. Undoubtedly it appears as a natural thing for Perry Mandera and has been shaped by years of hard work and diligence.


Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Companies, Inc; a transport company started in 1986. Before this, he had served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, which he had joined immediately after high school in 1975. He was a member of the motor pool, where he developed an interest in the transport sector.


He left the service in the early 1980s and worked for several transport companies. At just 23 years old, he started a company which he later sold in 1985. He resolved to start a company that was community-oriented thus giving birth to the Custom Companies. The business currently boasts of a presence in many cities across the United States with the main offices in Northlake, Illinois and Los Angeles, California.


Perry Mandera established the Custom Care Charities to drive his philanthropic work. The division works in collaboration with the leading company to adequately provide support to the needy. Some of the groups who have received immense support include Hiring Our Heroes and Marines for Life, which promote veterans’ welfare. Others include organizations focusing on children and cancer eradication.


Perry has for years worked with organizations such as Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, and The Jesse White Tumblers to provide food and clothing among other basic needs to children. These organizations have a reputation for helping needy children spanning to thousands since their inception. Perry Mandera has also provided transportation services to victims of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, California Wildfires, and the tornado that hit Washington in 2013.


Besides these, he has a profound interest in young people. Perry offers mentorship covering business, personal choices, as well as sports to many young people. In fact, he has personally managed and sponsored several personalities who have won global accolades.


How Lee May grew from a hod career to become a successful real estate developer

In the modern world, most of the people focus on amassing wealth and making a name for themselves in various niches. Real estate industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Many real estate investors rake millions of dollars from property sales every year. But this is only possible for the real estate gurus who have mastered the nitty-gritty of the competitive industry.


Unfortunately, a few of the real estate investors remember to give back to the communities that support their business. Lee May is a renowned real estate developer who has achieved immense success in the industry. As a young entrepreneur, Lee May has been an inspirational icon to thousands of youths who want to make a name in the real estate industry. Besides focusing on making huge profits, Lee May takes his time mentor and also to give back to the community that supports his business.


Lee May’s background

Lee May’s story is that of “from grass to grace”. He started at the bottom in the real estate industry and gradually made his way to the top. Lee started by working as a hod carrier at the age of sixteen years. he was very passionate about his work where he had a dream of becoming a successful real estate developer.


Lee May attended North West Kent College where he was trained to become a bricklayer. He worked hard and earned a Guilds qualification. At the age of 23, Lee May had become a successful brickwork subcontractor. He employed more than 600 workers. Lee May attributes much of his success to his passion for his work, his vision and the desire to become successful in the extremely competitive industry. He also wanted to inspire as many young people as possible by showing them that one can succeed regardless of their background.


Over the years, Lee May has learned to associate with successful companies that help him in driving his agenda. Many people know him for his activities with the Beamridge, a real estate company that focuses on large-scale developments. Lee May serves as an advisor to some of the complex development projects undertaken by the Beamridge.


Stansberry Research and Trusted Editors

People who have read Digest for quite a while are well aware of one thing. Steve Sjuggerud is an individual who has been discussing the possibility of a stock “Melt Up” for ages at this point. It’s been at least two years. Things have changed a bit not too long ago, too. Other respected investors have become part of the Melt Up buzz. Steve has given some information regarding Melt Up that indicates the possibility of it lasting for much longer. It may even go into 2020. Sjuggerud edits a newsletter that’s called True Wealth Systems. He has been stating for a while that stocks have the potential to get to spots that many people cannot even fathom for a second. Sjuggerud attended a conference a couple of years ago. He waxed poetic about the Melt Up then. The topic has been a constant thing on his brain. Nothing much has changed in that sense. He believes now that Wall Street aficionados located in New York, New York are finally understanding all of the ins and outs of the Melt Up. Sjuggerud strives to assist individuals who want to be able to prepare for the Melt Up. He strives to aid those who want to be able to prepare for its exit as well.


Stansberry Research, LLC operates out of Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a financial publisher that has many subscribers to its credit at the moment. These subscribers number in the thousands. The knowledgeable analysts and editors who work for Stansberry Research give people information that relates to top-quality investment methods. People who work for Stansberry Research have secured mentions in a broad range of prominent publications in the United States. These publications include the Washington Post, Barron’s and even the Wall Street Journal. People sometimes see and hear Stansberry Research’s analysts and editors talking about their thoughts on CNN Radio, Fox Business News and CNBC.


There are many respectable people who are part of this firm. Dan Ferris edits Extreme Value with dedication. Some other editors on the Stansberry Research crew are Justin Brill, Brett Eversole and Ben Morris.


Johanan Rand’s Compassionate Care


Johanan Rand specializes in anti-aging treatments that help seniors deal with the natural issues that come with aging. His specialties are erectile dysfunction and of course aging. His treatment for erectile dysfunction has been said to be much less invasive than treatments at traditional facilities. Johanan Rand chooses to take a more therapeutic approach to helping men understand their problem and live with it as normally as possible. Rand feels that the best way to accomplish this is by taking a more compassionate and informative approach, he provides information that helps his patients take the necessary steps to lead a normal, healthy life. By providing this information, Rand is giving his patients more control over their lives which they love. He also explains the changes in their personal hormone levels to them so that they can understand themselves and cope better. He even treats menopausal women.

Dr. Rand also helps with other aspects of aging such as memory loss that may come with illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, excessive or abnormal weight gain, anxiety and depression, and mood disorders that may come with menopause. He tries to help his patients make adjustments in their diet and exercise regimen which definitely aids in leading a healthy life, and he offers postural realignment therapies for patients suffering from severe fatigue.

Rand feels patient education is critical to treatment and is what’s missing in most anti-aging therapy programs. He continues to set himself apart by offering patients educational opportunities about what they are dealing with personally, and offering informative interviews to the public about aging and almost every important aspect of it that few may know.

Patients are raving about Johanan Rand’s emphasis on compassion, it’s most important to suffering patients with fatal illnesses and painful medical conditions. Patients are saying their symptoms are now managed and maintain, and they are showing more control over their condition.

Rand works to make sure patients can manage their daily lives with little assistance and maintain as active a role as possible in their family’s lives.


Paul Herdsman Offers Some Tips For Entrepreneurs

Paul Herdsman is a successful businessman who has had the opportunity to build his own company from the ground up. He is the co-founder of the business solutions company NICE Global which is based in Jamaica.


NICE Global takes on tasks like software and hardware troubleshooting for various businesses and outsourcing customer service representatives. But what’s most important to them is offering employment to Jamaicans who haven’t been able to get work at other companies, and those who get through training are given great benefits while on the workforce. NICE Global also gets involved with local community fundraisers.


Recently, Paul Herdsman offered some Business Tips to budding entrepreneurs.


According to Mr. Herdsman, an entrepreneur has to always maintain a positive attitude. Negativity waists energy and time. One way for an entrepreneur to stay positive is for an entrepreneur to always do work that he loves. When an entrepreneur is excited, it is easier to remain positive.


Mr. Herdsman emphasized a clear vision is what an entrepreneur needs in the business to be successful. She should visualize what the business will look like a few months and years down the roads. She should be willing to take risks in order to accomplish the vision.


No matter what type of business an entrepreneur is engaged in, it is necessary to build a good team. No one can do everything. Helpers are needed. It is important to take the time needed for team building. No shortcuts can be taken in building an effective company.


Everyone who is involved in a business enterprise will make a mistake once in a while. Mr. Paul Herdsman believes that it is important for all entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes. When one learns from their mistakes, it allows one to remain persistent in moving on towards the goal of building a successful company.


Customers are the lifeblood of a business. An entrepreneur needs to know who his target customers are. Once the target customers are identified, the customers’ needs must be met on a consistent basis. Customer service is of vital importance. See This Page for additional information.


Finally, Paul Herdsman believes that all entrepreneurs need a mentor. An entrepreneur should find another successful businessperson to help him with questions about the business world.



More about Herdsman’s tips on being successful in his interview on


Brazilian Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago Builds The Amazing Manaira Shopping Mall

All across Brazil people are beginning to call entrepreneur Roberto Santiago the ‘Mall Mogul’ because of the success of his Manaira Shopping Mall that opened in 1989, the Mangeira Shopping Mall which opened in 2013 and several other malls Santiago built all across Brazil. Before getting into the mall building business, Roberto Santiago was known throughout Brazil as a blogger and a kart and motocross driver. His business career included a stint as a popular employee for Café Santa Rosa and working at a facility that made cardboard boxes. Santiago then started his own cardboard box company which prospered when he began making decorative boxes that got the attention of the tourist crowd. But it was when he ventured into real estate that Roberto Santiago began to become wealthy.


Born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, Roberto Santiago had a normal childhood. He was a student at Pio X-Marist College as a youngster. He then went on to earn a business administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. That business training and his background in real estate would come in handy in 1987 when he began buying land and preparing to build his first mall, Manaira Shopping Mall, in Joao Pessoa. Through his vision, business experience and understanding of the needs and desires of the Brazilian people, the fantastic mall Roberto Santiago built was an instant hit.


The size, scale and diversity of Manaira Shopping Mall is impressive. It has over 300 stores selling everything from clothing, jewelry, sporting goods and musical instruments to furniture and tools. The food court is massive and offers Brazilian specialties, international cuisine, fine dining and every type of fast food imaginable. Plus, it has an 18,000 foot fun area with all the latest, most popular electronic games for children and adults. The mall also has a bank, a school, a gym and 11 movie theatres. It’s a place people can spend hours on end having fun.


Domus Hall, a two-level entertainment venue located on the roof of the mall, added in 2009 is also a major attraction. The soundproof, fully air conditioned facility can hold 10,000 people and has a spectacular state-of-the-art sound system. It has hosted weddings, festivals, conferences, graduations and concerts featuring Brazil’s top entertainers as well as international mega stars. It’s a place Brazilians from all walks of life gather to party and have a great time.


Roberto Santiago is a rising star in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Mall has attracted much attention. When in 2013 he opened Mangeira Shopping Mall, also located in Joao Pessoa, local people were ecstatic. The malls have become the center of life in the region and Roberto Santiago has made the locals, proud, happy and prosperous.


Businessman Gregory Aziz

As an entrepreneur, Gregory James Aziz has always been blessed with an eye for good business opportunities. Throughout the lifespan of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz has had to use his uncanny business acumen to help steer the largest railroad manufacturer to ever-increasing heights, from its original inception in 1912. When he first took over the leadership of the company, his top priority was to take measures to improve and streamline their business management operations. For more than 100 years, National Steel Car has held strong to their commitment to quality products and high-level customer service. In 1994, when Aziz first joined their advisory board, National Steel Car’s facility could only produce about 3,000 units a year.


Seeing how small the company’s workforce was, Gregory James Aziz decided to hire another 2,400 people to work in the manufacturing plant. 16 years later, the number of employees increased to over 4,000, thanks in no small part to the dedication and hard work of management under Aziz’s leadership. As a result of his management restructuring, the company has significantly increased its manufacturing volume from 3,500 vehicles to 12,000 vehicles per year. That is why Canpotex, which has been working with National Steel Car since 1999, purchased 700 railway trams from National Steel Car; the deal estimated at a total worth of 70 million U.S. dollars.


Gregory James Aziz has attributed the success of National Steel Car to a strong working relationship between staff and management. This solid staff-to-management relationship was likely forged during Aziz’s experience working in investment banking sector prior to joining National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz, also known as James Aziz, was born and raised in London Ontario, on April 30, 1949. Before gaining success in investment banking, Gregory J Aziz joined his family’s home-grown food business in 1971, after graduation from Western University in Ontario. This family business sold imported food for local markets. With his knowledge and expertise, their family business was able to expand and become a food importer from both South America and Europe. Refer to This Article for more information.


The Hamilton Ontario community has gained many benefits as a result of National Steel Car’s tremendous success. When not directly involved in railroad industry business, Greg Aziz is a philanthropist and a self-motivated person who has created innovative ideas that help other companies streamline their production.