William Saito – Innovator, Author, Entrepreneur

William H. Saito is an influential author that comes from Walnut, California. Impressive to note, William Saito was voted as one of the most influential individuals in Japan. As an elementary school student, he was able to start programming software and by the time he reached high school, William Saito had already started his own business and earned the title of Entrepreneur of the year in 1998. William Saito proceeded to create another business known as InTecur. Steadily rising in his knowledge and skill, in 2012 William Saito was given the opportunity to work for the Prime Minister of Japan as well as also serving as the Chief Technology Officer of a nuclear accident independent investigation commission.


William Saito has a variety of talents and as mentioned previously, is also an author; One of his recent books is ‘An Unprogrammed Life. Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur’. This book looks deeper into William Saito’s life and gives advice throughout.

Recently, due to all of his success, William Saito was mentioned in an article on HiTechChronicle. The article goes through his life and his accomplishments in detail. Ranging from selling his company to Microsoft to his innovations in Biometric Software. Looking closer at the article there are quite a few interesting facts about William Saito’s life, for instance, in college he was in an advanced pre-med program while also being the CEO of I/O Software, Inc. Impressively he also started college a year early and finished high school in only three years.


Later in life, he went on to create a fingerprint scanner that allowed the scanner to gather the fingerprints main features in order to simplify the information needed on each fingerprint. This sped up the process of fingerprint recognition and made processing times quite a bit faster. This helped pave a path for the development of thumbprint scanner and can be seen in current smartphones. Due to the success, it’s important to note that in the beginning of the 2000s there was the acquisition by Microsoft of I/O.




Perry Mandera; Building a business empire anchored on philanthropy

Success in business and providing thousands of employment opportunities should not be an end in itself. However, it should be reinforced by humility and the heart of giving. Indeed, this is not a feature shared with many corporate executives, entrepreneurs, or investors. Undoubtedly it appears as a natural thing for Perry Mandera and has been shaped by years of hard work and diligence.


Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Companies, Inc; a transport company started in 1986. Before this, he had served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, which he had joined immediately after high school in 1975. He was a member of the motor pool, where he developed an interest in the transport sector.


He left the service in the early 1980s and worked for several transport companies. At just 23 years old, he started a company which he later sold in 1985. He resolved to start a company that was community-oriented thus giving birth to the Custom Companies. The business currently boasts of a presence in many cities across the United States with the main offices in Northlake, Illinois and Los Angeles, California.


Perry Mandera established the Custom Care Charities to drive his philanthropic work. The division works in collaboration with the leading company to adequately provide support to the needy. Some of the groups who have received immense support include Hiring Our Heroes and Marines for Life, which promote veterans’ welfare. Others include organizations focusing on children and cancer eradication.


Perry has for years worked with organizations such as Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, and The Jesse White Tumblers to provide food and clothing among other basic needs to children. These organizations have a reputation for helping needy children spanning to thousands since their inception. Perry Mandera has also provided transportation services to victims of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, California Wildfires, and the tornado that hit Washington in 2013.


Besides these, he has a profound interest in young people. Perry offers mentorship covering business, personal choices, as well as sports to many young people. In fact, he has personally managed and sponsored several personalities who have won global accolades.


Stansberry Research and Trusted Editors

People who have read Digest for quite a while are well aware of one thing. Steve Sjuggerud is an individual who has been discussing the possibility of a stock “Melt Up” for ages at this point. It’s been at least two years. Things have changed a bit not too long ago, too. Other respected investors have become part of the Melt Up buzz. Steve has given some information regarding Melt Up that indicates the possibility of it lasting for much longer. It may even go into 2020. Sjuggerud edits a newsletter that’s called True Wealth Systems. He has been stating for a while that stocks have the potential to get to spots that many people cannot even fathom for a second. Sjuggerud attended a conference a couple of years ago. He waxed poetic about the Melt Up then. The topic has been a constant thing on his brain. Nothing much has changed in that sense. He believes now that Wall Street aficionados located in New York, New York are finally understanding all of the ins and outs of the Melt Up. Sjuggerud strives to assist individuals who want to be able to prepare for the Melt Up. He strives to aid those who want to be able to prepare for its exit as well.


Stansberry Research, LLC operates out of Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a financial publisher that has many subscribers to its credit at the moment. These subscribers number in the thousands. The knowledgeable analysts and editors who work for Stansberry Research give people information that relates to top-quality investment methods. People who work for Stansberry Research have secured mentions in a broad range of prominent publications in the United States. These publications include the Washington Post, Barron’s and even the Wall Street Journal. People sometimes see and hear Stansberry Research’s analysts and editors talking about their thoughts on CNN Radio, Fox Business News and CNBC.


There are many respectable people who are part of this firm. Dan Ferris edits Extreme Value with dedication. Some other editors on the Stansberry Research crew are Justin Brill, Brett Eversole and Ben Morris.


Johanan Rand’s Compassionate Care


Johanan Rand specializes in anti-aging treatments that help seniors deal with the natural issues that come with aging. His specialties are erectile dysfunction and of course aging. His treatment for erectile dysfunction has been said to be much less invasive than treatments at traditional facilities. Johanan Rand chooses to take a more therapeutic approach to helping men understand their problem and live with it as normally as possible. Rand feels that the best way to accomplish this is by taking a more compassionate and informative approach, he provides information that helps his patients take the necessary steps to lead a normal, healthy life. By providing this information, Rand is giving his patients more control over their lives which they love. He also explains the changes in their personal hormone levels to them so that they can understand themselves and cope better. He even treats menopausal women.

Dr. Rand also helps with other aspects of aging such as memory loss that may come with illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, excessive or abnormal weight gain, anxiety and depression, and mood disorders that may come with menopause. He tries to help his patients make adjustments in their diet and exercise regimen which definitely aids in leading a healthy life, and he offers postural realignment therapies for patients suffering from severe fatigue.

Rand feels patient education is critical to treatment and is what’s missing in most anti-aging therapy programs. He continues to set himself apart by offering patients educational opportunities about what they are dealing with personally, and offering informative interviews to the public about aging and almost every important aspect of it that few may know.

Patients are raving about Johanan Rand’s emphasis on compassion, it’s most important to suffering patients with fatal illnesses and painful medical conditions. Patients are saying their symptoms are now managed and maintain, and they are showing more control over their condition.

Rand works to make sure patients can manage their daily lives with little assistance and maintain as active a role as possible in their family’s lives.


How Dr. Mark Mofid Advanced Gluteal Augmentation Procedures

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who lives and works in the San Diego area. One of his most popular procedures is gluteal augmentation. He has done quite a bit of work to make this type of surgery both safer and more effective. He says that this procedure gets a bum rap from many people in America because they usually only hear about it when something goes awry. He is on a mission to change this public perception and make it as popular a procedure to have as it is in Brazil, the gluteal augmentation capital of the world.

When Dr. Mark Mofid first started doing this type of procedure several years ago he wasn’t happy with the implants in use back then. He says they were prone to slipping out of place and they didn’t provide the most natural look. He poured hundreds of hours into research coming up with a new implant which is now being used by many other plastic surgeons who do this type of procedure. His implant works with muscular system to stay firmly in place. Because it has a lower profile than the older implants it also presents a much more natural look.

As of 2012 there were more than 20,000 gluteal augmentation procedures performed each year in Brazil. Meanwhile there were just about 1,000 of this type of procedure performed in the United States in that year. When Dr. Mark Mofid decided to learn about how to do this type of procedure he decided the best way to learn would be to go to Brazil and learn from the experts there. This led him to Dr. Gonzalez who has been doing this procedure since 1984. He says he learned a lot from Dr. Gonzalez and this led to him learning everything he needed to know to successfully do this type of procedure himself.

Dr. Mark Mofid has a clinic located in La Jolla, just outside of San Diego. He is a graduate of Harvard University and earned his at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has thousands of patient visits each year and is accepting new patients presently.


Jeff Yastine; Total Wealth Insider Offers you Viable Investment Insight

Jeff Yastine; Total Wealth Insider Offers you Viable Investment Insight

When it comes to making the right decision in investment, then Jeff Yastine is one individual who has perfected his art by conducting extensive research to ensure that his clients do not fail. Jeff Yastine is the chief editor of a prominent newsletter called Total Wealth Insider. First joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, he has been serving as the editorial director in charge of the publishing department. With him is an extensive experience bordering a lot of interviews with some of the world’s most influential investors including Warren Buffet and Michael Dell.

A Look at Yastine’s Career

As he puts it on his personal website, Yastine is a former financial journalist who worked with many corporations before settling in Banyan Hill Publishing. For instance, he worked as the primary anchor as well as correspondent of PBS Nightly Business Report between 1994 and 2010. While serving in the company, he made sure that he was in a position to interact with high-profile investors who shared extensive knowledge on how to approach different investment opportunities including avoiding risky investments. It is through such interactions that Jeff Yastine managed to establish a long-term career because he was now able to apply the same knowledge in making investment decisions.

The Market Crash

Apart from that, Yastine learned that it is important to start saving early enough. This lesson was based on the 1987 market crash that crippled the world’s economy. Just at 23 years old, Yastine was working for NBC’s affiliate in Florida. However, he owned no stocks. The crash served as a wakeup call as he now had to think of ways to invest in different businesses and benefit in the long run. From that day, Yastine has focused his career on finding viable solutions for business owners who need guidance on investment. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.


Because he is now part of Banyan Hill Publishing, he is well acquainted with various investment management strategies and uses them to help people in foretelling the future of stocks. As the editor of the company, Yastine strives to work with clients in securing their future through avoiding high-risk investment strategies.

The Observation

Conclusively, Jeff Yastine is a skilled investment expert who applies the wealth of knowledge he garnered from his past experiences to help his peers and other investors in making sound decisions. With the lessons he has learned in the past, he is always in a position to highlight the key areas of interest that every aspiring business professional should look into. Visit: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/jeff-yastine-recommends-three-amazon-competitors-investors/


Jeff Yastine: The Writer Helping People Understand The Financial Field Through Total Wealth Insider

Being able to find the best financial opportunities and make the most use of them is not something everyone can do, especially if someone is not familiar with the financial field. Americans all over the country miss out on opportunities to be able to make money because of their lack of knowledge regarding the subject, which is an incredible amount of wasted potential.

Jeff Yastine, a prominent name in the financial field realized the abundance of people who want to be able to make more money than just their day jobs, but find it difficult to grasp the concepts that the financial world works on. He knew the challenges that people often face, which is why he decided to help the general population through his writing. Currently, Yastine stands as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, a publication that has a wide range of well-reputed blogs under their umbrella. He writes on a blog known as Total Wealth Insider, which offers readers a unique look at the financial world and the potential that one sees in it. Through the blog, readers can see the potential developments in the financial field, and the potential opportunities that they can make use of. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

One of the key reasons why Jeff Yastine has become such a prominent blogger among the list of editors is because of his approach towards finance and the writing that he presents to the audience. Yastine tries to make his blogs as engaging as possible while adding something relatable in every piece that he writes. Demonstrating practical examples is also something that Jeff Yastine regularly does, which is why his readers can fully grasp the concept that he is talking about.

Yastine first started writing for Total Wealth Insider in 2015 and since then has watched his reader base grow immensely over the years. People from all over the world are subscribed to the work that he has put out and eagerly wait for the new blog posts so that they can get their latest scoop on the developments that are taking place in the financial field.

A lot of the work that Jeff Yastine puts out is all based on the knowledge that he has gained over the years working as a stockbroker. He has worked in some of the most notable financial companies in the country and has proven to be a brilliant professional in the field. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeff-yastine








The Environmental Sustainability Projects of Waiakea Water

Bottled water has become one of the most popular bottled products in the beverage industry. In as much water is a necessity, consumers have started boycotting bottled water because of the implications which plastic poses to the environment. Most enterprises that package water have been accused of ripping off their clients by filtering city water and selling it at exorbitant prices. There is a company that is taking the water bottling industry by storm called Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. The firm has resorted to eco-conscious packaging that ensures the environment doesn’t suffer from non-degradable plastic bottles. Waiakea’s water is bottled at the source giving it a natural taste and a touch of purity.

The owner of Waiakea Water narrates how he came up with the idea of building one of the most distinguished water bottling companies. Ryan Emmons decided to establish Waiakea Water so that he could afford other people the chance to taste pure and healthy water from hills of Hawaii. When he was growing up, Ryan Emmons together with his family got the chance of accessing the naturally available water from the rocks of Hawaii.

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Waiakea water is harvested from a virgin source that is located to the Southwest of Hilo, Hawaii. The water undergoes earth’s natural purification process that fortifies it with minerals and gives it an alkaline PH. The water is full of vital minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The whole process of production of Waiakea Water is eco-friendly. First, the water is harvested from a 1.4 billion gallon aquifer in Hawaii. The bottling at source process utilizes readily available renewable energy. The water is then packaged in plastic bottles that can degrade over a period of 15 years. The process of manufacturing weaker plastic requires less energy than the one required to make traditional plastic.
Waiakea water is also committed to the welfare of communities across the globe. The company is in active partnerships with various organizations such as the Pump Aid. Pump Aid is an organization that is helping millions of people in Africa to access clean drinking water.

Avi Weisfogel Helps the World Get Better by Helping it Sleep Better

Did you know that getting plenty of quality, restful sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself in terms of having a healthy and productive life? It’s true. Sleep plays a vital role in many aspects of your life, from promoting good mental health, to regulating metabolism, to allowing for the fighting or disease and the repair of injury. If you are not getting enough sleep you are setting yourself up for a myriad of avoidable challenges in your life.

One of the leading causes of lack of quality sleep for Americans is sleep apnea of varying degrees. Sleep apnea is caused by a wide variety of reasons and can lead to momentary disruption of proper breathing patterns while sleeping for just a moment. This disruption in the regular breathing cycle can cause you to come out of the deep, restful sleep that your body needs. As stated previously, there are a lot of causes of sleep apnea, but most often the same remedy is prescribed, a C-PAP or Bi-PAP machine. This isn’t the only way to get relief though. A wonderful man named Avi Weisfogel, who is a renowned dentist, and recognized sleep apnea specialist to the rich and powerful has devised a better way to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea and therefore help people get the better nights sleep that they need.

Dr. Weisfogel might seem like an odd person to be working to find a cure for the disruption sleep apnea can cause in one’s life. After all, dentistry and sleep apnea are not what one might call, pardon the pun, familiar bed fellows. Dr. Weisfogel however, found that despite their immediately apparent lack of connection, there were inexplicably linked. As such, he was able to develop a program to help people with their sleep issues and get the good night’s sleep they need and deserve.

Dr. Weisfogel has a passion for helping people. When he finished his education, he started his own dental practice and from there began to volunteer in a variety of ways in the greater NYC community to give back to the community that he loved so much. He was named best dentist in New York City two years in a row right after starting his practice. He also holds a bachelor degree in both Biology and Psychology, which he has used to further assist his dental patients to lead better lives. It was during these years that he started to develop the system that he now uses to help people who suffer from sleep apnea and other conditions get a great night’s sleep.

The Dental Sleep Masters program is just one way that he has chosen to give back to the world and make it a little bit better place. His philosophy is that no one can be at their best and do all of the wonderful things that they are destined to do if they don’t start out feeling, looking, and performing at their best, and that starts with a good night’s sleep. The program involved the use of a prescription dental device that gently moves the jaw forward, opening the airway and allowing the regular breathing pattern that our body depends on to go uninterrupted all night.

Dr. Weisfogel loves the possibility of what people can be when they perform at their best. He developed the Dental Sleep Masters program, and pursues a wide range of philosophical pursuits to help ensure that everyone has the chance to be the best they can be. He is a great man who shows that helping others can start with something as simple as a good night’s sleep.

Monkey Capital and its Founder Daniel Mark Harrison

Cryptocurrencies are a modern-day phenomenon, starting with the creation of Bitcoin back in 2009. Even though our society is so intensive on technology, it’s still difficult for analysts to make any sense of Bitcoin, Etherem, Litecoin, or any of the thousands of altcoins. Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison, a prominent figure in Asian cryptocurrency circles, works in a handful of various roles at the moment, although he’s likely best known for being the managing partner of Monkey Capital, a hedge fund that’s decentralized – a key characteristic of cryptocurrencies.

Monkey Capital currently invests in supply contracts belonging to SpaceX and various Blockchain technologies. A unique part of Monkey Capital is its autonomous speculation of ICO, or initial coin offerings, similar to initial public offerings (IPO) in stock trading. By analyzing Blockchain transactions, Monkey Capital’s algorithmic brain can accurately predict the likelihood of particular results occurring prior to new cryptocurrencies is even released. Another unique aspect of Monkey Capital is its self-classification as an account that receives dividends, although claiming it isn’t the daily manager of the hedge fund. The layout is difficult to understand, but just know that it’s ultra-innovative and the birthing of a genius – well, three of them.

Although initial coin offerings are only quasi-legal at the moment due to the Securities and Exchange Commission not pushing forward a ruling on regulations regarding ICOs. Monkey Capital has been mentioned in several news sources, most notably the Huffington Post. The decentralized hedge fund is lead by co-founders Daniel Mark Harrison and Darshan Vyas, alongside former Barclays employee Marcelo Garcia-Casil.

With Daniel Mark Harrison at the helm, Monkey Capital expects to take over a public company – if not more than one – and tack its size onto decentralized exchanges, helping grow cryptocurrencies and blockchains even further.

Mr. Harrison went to college at the University of Oxford for one year, studying theology, then completed the bachelor’s degree at Lancing College. He has since earned an MBA and a master’s in journalism.

He’s written for several publications, including TheStreet and The Motley Fool. More recently, starting in May of 2015, he earned the title of Editor-in-Chief at Marx Rand. Starting that October, he became Chairman and CEO if his self-titled company, including Editor-in-Chief of Coinspeaker.