The United Kingdom Based Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani founded Sussex Healthcare in the year 1998. The center was established to provide quality healthcare services to the aged and people living with disabilities.

The firm has witnessed a long streak of success since its inception. In the year 2002, the center gained accreditation from the Health Quality Service board.

In 2005, the healthcare received International Standard, a cover for quality management systems. Sussex is now the sole home healthcare provider in the United Kingdom. The center believes that lack of illness does not characterize healthy living, it has thus incorporated social, recreational and leisure activities in its system.

The center offers full programs to activities to enhance the motivation and stimulation of its clients. Specific actions are assigned to individuals considering their previous passions and their current interests and abilities.

Sussex Healthcare boasts of a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to their work. The company’s goal is to become a leader in the nursing care and residential services in the Sussex area. Its employees are highly inducted to ensure its aims are met.

Sussex Healthcare provides an array of jobs to the public. Some of them include the position of a Peripatetic Care Home Manager who is tasked to run the center’s activities when the Home Manager is absent. The position holder also oversees the home’s quality care and collects monthly reports for the management team.

Sussex Healthcare also accommodates registered nurses. Nurses are required to provide medical attention and keep the center’s medical records. Besides, they are expected to ensure Sussex Healthcare’s standards are maintained. Effective communication to the senior management is another quality that the center takes seriously.

Sussex Healthcare provides many other job vacancies in the positions of Home Care Assistant, physiotherapists, night care assistants, senior care assistants, and chefs. It also employs kitchen assistants who are required to assist the chef manager and maintain the food hygiene at the facility.

The facility also accommodates neurologists who are trained to offer top-notch health care services to every individual at the center. Sussex owns a training academy that educates its staff to provide services by its guidelines.

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Top Quality Healthcare at Copa Star Hospital

The Copa Star Hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The institution is termed as one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Brazil. The hospital has been constructed using the state-of-the-art technology and with the use of modern designs. The hospital serves the citizens of Rio de Janeiro and also the whole of Brazil. The hospital took three years to be completed. It was started in 2013. The main aim of the hospital was to minimize the need for patients to travel to other destinations to seek for specialized medical attention. The Copa star has been constructed to mimic the style and feel of a 5-star hotel.

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Patients get to enjoy some of the top cuisines prepared by some of the best chefs in the hospital’s dining area. Patients and their relatives can sit and enjoy fresh air at the neatly manicured outside spaces. The corridors of the hospital are designed to be airy and inviting. Patients at the Copa Star Hospital get to enjoy luxury, latest technology, and comfort. The hospital occupies an area of 21,000 square meters with seven floors. The hospital has a unique smart hospitality system where each patient is provided with an iPad to use. Patients can talk with their doctors, control the lighting of the room, close and open curtains, ask for nurse attention, and change the posture of the bed using the iPad.

The estimated value of Copa Star Hospital is R$400 million. The hospital is well equipped to perform the most complex surgeries. The operating rooms are fitted with MRI machines. Patients are assured of high qualified care. The luxury and sophisticated technology available at Copa Star facilitates quick recovery for all patients. Every patient who visits the facility gets to enjoy exclusive and personalized service. The Copa Star Hospital ensures that patients enjoy maximum privacy. This makes it the ideal hospital for celebrities and other high-end individuals. The team at the Copa Star had to undergo a two-month long mandatory training.

The Copa Star Hospital has 550 qualified and skilled employees. 113 of the number are doctors. The hospital sourced for some of the most qualified doctors in Brazil and other parts of the world so as to offer the most qualified care. The hospital has nine operating rooms, 41 ICU rooms, and many recovery rooms. The Copa Star Hospital allows patients to stay at the facility with a close family member during their recovery period. The hospital has become the pioneer hospital to have the Smart Hospitality System in Brazil. It hopes to spread the services to other hospitals in Brazil. It has become the go-to hospital for those seeking exclusive and top quality medical services. Read more at about Copa Star.