Securus Technologies Feedbacks from customers about their Crime Prevention schemes

Securus Technologies has been the leading provider of technological services that are important in prevention of crimes as well as evidence of crime in various institutions such as correctional facilities, judicial systems as well as for the general safety of the public. Most successful companies take the feedback of their customers seriously so they know if they are achieving their goals.


One article from Securus contains comments from past clients who have used the services of Securus Technologies before. They are notes of gratitude from incarceration facilities all over the United States of America expressing the success of their tasks that have been a success collaborated with them to ensure that they do not fail .In order to protect the clients, there hasn’t be any names mentioned or origination so as to ensure that no one is victimized in anyway.


Such comments are; a case of a staff introducing contraband that was arrested after Securus Technologies was asked to obtain all the phone conversations that enable the company to obtain an arrest warrant of the staff member. The person was happy that they were able to stop the criminal activities as well as arrest the master minder.


A correctional facility was also expressing their gratitude that they have been able to monitor the use of drugs and alcohol in the facility. The call monitoring software has enabled them to also arrest a civilian who was selling prescription drugs on discounts.


Investigation tools provided by Securus Technologies have enabled the law enforcement officers to be able to conduct investigations wherever there has been claims of harassment or any predetermined threats on their security personnel in the public or even the correctional facility. This maintains the public peace as well as that of the jurisdiction.


The Best Company For Public Safety – Securus Technologies

The company, Securus Technologies wants more people to know what they do on a regular basis so they have invited the public to visit their Dallas, TX business unit for a tour and presentation of the site. The people will be able to see firsthand what they are working on, what it does, and how it will help to protect the public. With this offer, the company wants the people to know that they care about their questions too.


The latest technology that the company has created is the Wireless Containment Solution. This was created to help the correction facilities around the nation to stop the crimes that were happening via the wireless networks. The inmates were accessing the networks with devices and cell phone in an attempt to commit crimes with people from the outside of the facilities. Since the Wireless Containment Solution was created, the facilities have more control, and they can catch the inmates that are doing it right away and take away their equipment too.


Other companies in the field were not able to compete with the company when it came to create this type of technology. Securus Technology is very proud to have been able to solve the problem that was happening.


Securus Technologies is the public safety leading company for quite a while because of their expertise, and they are intent on making the world a safer place for all to live in. They are in demand all across the nation, and the world respects them for what they can do in the field. They deal with the government on a constant basis. When they deal with a million plus prisoners, they use techniques such as videotaping, investigating and monitoring to make the situation more controlled for safety measures. The company’s dedicated staff is committed to completing any mission that they are sent to complete. They are professionals that have the expertise to compete the most difficult projects. Going into the future, the company is going to create new and better technologies for the public safety field, and they will continue to show up in the headlines.



Securus Christmas Videos for Inmate Morale

As a company that works primarily with people who are in prisons, Securus recognizes the need to make the connection with people who are in prison and the people who love them. They want to make sure that the people who are in prison are able to stay in touch with their families so that they will have a better chance at rehabilitation after they are out of prison. When it comes to the way that inmates can communicate with their family members, the ones who are able to have a lower recidivism rate than those who are unable to communicate with the people who they love.


During the Christmas season, the morale in most jails tends to go down because the holidays can be depressing for people who are in prison. While the people who are in jail may not have much to look forward to, Securus gives them something to get excited about. The company offers the chance to communicate with family members through video chat while they are in prison. This will allow them to see the people that they love. Even if it is in prison, they can still enjoy talking to their loved ones.


Securus is one of the only jail industry companies that offers more for the inmates. They put kiosks into prisons that include everything from inmate email to video chatting and everything in between. Some of the kiosks that are in the prisons can even allow people the chance to buy commissary right from there. This is something that is great for the prison because it reduces the need for extra staff in the prison and gives the prisoners the chance to feel like they are still able to make some decisions on their own without the need for supervision from officers.


Video chatting is becoming more popular in the outside world as well as the prison world. People who are on the outside can talk to their loved ones over video chat and inmates can do the same. While they may not be able to do everything that they want on the video chat, it is much easier than an in-person visit.