Doe a Deere, a female entrepreneur!

A pop of color, and puff of glitter soaring across the beauty industry! If you have seen it, than you probably know it’s Doe Deere. Born in Russia, she made the move to New York while quite young to further her musical interests. She attended college for a degree in fashion, leaving before she finished to start her own business. The beauty guru and entrepreneur always appears in eye catching, frequently changing looks that include her signature bold pops of color and magic. The founder of Lime Crime is the personification of her brand that focuses on unicorn and fairy tale inspired make up.


Deere says that the focus on providing a unique range of products is what drives the cult following for the make up brand. She says that the company loves sharing the excitement about upcoming products with their followers. It lets the excitement build up to a really successful product launch. The comments and feedback from their clients is really instrumental in helping them to develop new products that people want.


Of course the quality of the products is a must for a cult following as well, and she says that it is policy not to make products that they do not think are great. The company has a team that works to create the perfect formulation for every product.


She also believes that the packaging of the make up is almost as important as the product itself. She says that the quality and look of the packaging will communicates the quality of the product. And we’d be lying if we said that the packaging wasn’t what usually draws us in.


Palettes are particularly special, and she says that they make the color selection match a theme or story that goes with that particular palette. She thinks that the collection of eyeshadows are a great way to tell a story with color, which is what they have done with their popular Venus palettes.


Doe Deere says that the Pantone color of the year is ultraviolet, which is a perfect complement to Lime Crime’s unicorn inspired theme. The Venus palette three for example is loaded with different shades of purple. The unicorn theme is meant to inspire people to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves through color and make up. Deere says that we live in a time where people are starting to appreciate these values, and that is part of what drives her brand’s success.


For those who want to sport bolder shades, but are hesitant to take the plunge, she advises them to take baby steps. Wearing the shade at home for long enough to be accustomed to seeing it on yourself is something she advises as a first step to wearing bolder looks. For her, being individual means not being afraid to be yourself. And she says that she wishes she could tell her younger self not to be hesitant about make-u,p and how powerful it could be for her. Learn more: