Holistic Approach Pays Off for Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is the son of David M. Howitt, founder and CEO of the Meriwether Group, an innovative marketing advisory firm. Howitt is a high school senior who seeks to study entrepreneurial finance in college. At a young age, Howitt has endeavored to gain a multitude of experiences, both within and outside of the Meriwether Group. As a product manager at the firm, Howitt has shown he has a knack for technical tasks, including crunching spreadsheets and putting together presentations. Additionally, he has shown the ability to identify trends and solve problems above the expectations for someone of his age.

In addition to his experience at Meriwether, Sawyer Howitt has taken the lead on several philanthropic causes, including groups aiming to progress women’s rights and ameliorating the lives of troubled youth. His passions include music, fashion, health and wellness, and business. His multi-disciplinary interests may stem from his father’s vision for Meriwether Group itself.

Sawyer Howitt’s father started Meriwether after selling Oregon Chai, a specialty tea company he built with his wife. The firm offers a myriad of services to support its clients, including strategic advisory, brand building, product marketing, finance, and sourcing and manufacturing. One of the firm’s competitive advantages is its unique “Whole Brain Thinking”, in which the company’s approach to business problems involves combining the analytical nature of the left side of the brain with the holistic and creative right side of the brain.

It is growing up under such an approach that has led Sawyer Howitt to pursue such a well-rounded set of experiences so early in his life.