Check Out Matt Badiali’s Information About Freedom Checks

Banyan Hill Publishing serves as a top home for scores of financial experts. Their writing and editorial skills help the company’s primary website and various subscription-based newsletters inform scores of knowledge-hungry readers. Contributing Editor Matt Badiali certainly has done his part to provide readers with solid information.

In addition to providing editorial duties, Matt Badiali acts as the Chief Resource Investment Expert for the company. Badiali seeks to inform readers about a multitude of topics. In particular, he wants the readership to know about the existing opportunity to receive “freedom checks.” There’s a lot of freedom check money to go around. More than $34 billion in check distributions could be cashed by lucky investors.

Upon learning about freedom checks, people wish to learn how they can receive their cut. Freedom checks aren’t government distributions. So, unlike social security, someone can’t sign up for a freedom check deal once reaching a certain age and meeting other criteria. Visit to learn more

Matt Badiali points out that freedom checks come from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), a form of publicly traded partnerships. In order to receive a distribution from an MLP, someone must first invest in one. What is the investor putting money into? MLPs focus on domestic oil and natural gas endeavors.

A number of investors did earn significant returns. Reportedly, one investor named Doug Smith received a check in excess of $24,000. The nice sum is actually dwarfed by the payouts others received.

Obviously, an MLP must generate revenue in order to pay out any distributions. Such would be the case with almost any other type of business partnership investment strategy. Risks do exist. Those comfortable with the risks vs. rewards associated with MLPs may find putting money into them worth thinking about.

Concerns about the legitimacy of Master Limited Partnerships likely arise in people’s minds. Upon looking closer at where MLPs come from, their design derives from laws passed by Congress. MLPs do not need to pay taxes as long as they pay out 90% of their revenue to investors and put 90% of their money into domestic oil and gas ventures.

Matt Badiali often mentions freedom checks and MLPs in the context of retirement planning. Matt Badiali discussed the minuscule payments many receive from social security. Maximizing personal wealth can make retirement a lot easier and far freer. Retirement eventually arrives one day. Why not be prepared for it by educating yourself about all manner of unique investment strategies now? Read More: