How Lee May grew from a hod career to become a successful real estate developer

In the modern world, most of the people focus on amassing wealth and making a name for themselves in various niches. Real estate industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Many real estate investors rake millions of dollars from property sales every year. But this is only possible for the real estate gurus who have mastered the nitty-gritty of the competitive industry.


Unfortunately, a few of the real estate investors remember to give back to the communities that support their business. Lee May is a renowned real estate developer who has achieved immense success in the industry. As a young entrepreneur, Lee May has been an inspirational icon to thousands of youths who want to make a name in the real estate industry. Besides focusing on making huge profits, Lee May takes his time mentor and also to give back to the community that supports his business.


Lee May’s background

Lee May’s story is that of “from grass to grace”. He started at the bottom in the real estate industry and gradually made his way to the top. Lee started by working as a hod carrier at the age of sixteen years. he was very passionate about his work where he had a dream of becoming a successful real estate developer.


Lee May attended North West Kent College where he was trained to become a bricklayer. He worked hard and earned a Guilds qualification. At the age of 23, Lee May had become a successful brickwork subcontractor. He employed more than 600 workers. Lee May attributes much of his success to his passion for his work, his vision and the desire to become successful in the extremely competitive industry. He also wanted to inspire as many young people as possible by showing them that one can succeed regardless of their background.


Over the years, Lee May has learned to associate with successful companies that help him in driving his agenda. Many people know him for his activities with the Beamridge, a real estate company that focuses on large-scale developments. Lee May serves as an advisor to some of the complex development projects undertaken by the Beamridge.