As the globe changes and starts to advance the contribution businesses get from women, numerous organizations are cheerfully seeing the esteem that originates from the diversification of viewpoints and opinions. A considerable number of firms has grasped the lesson which is new to a few. An excellent example of the organization that was established through this idea is IC System (National Collection Agency).


It was created fundamentally by Erickson Ruth with the help of Jack, her husband. The organization has served and operated as the reference point for the empowerment of women. Women have added value to the firm’s progressively long history. From the time it was founded, Ruth was strict to its all activities. She became the head of the organization after her husband passed on. Ruth worked indefatigably to utilize her business intuition in the company. She was a formidable and tenacious entrepreneur. It was through this bold character that made her develop the main account receivable organization in the nation.


IC System is an organization that clings to right and tried methods which have showered it with a lot of successes. Ruth worked in sales, making trips to some organizations requiring her services. It was through this spirit that she gained the ability to develop a customer base which would frame the establishment of the operations of the company. She was a woman of diverse talents.


Apart from attracting new customers and making sales calls, Ruth was additionally gifted in managing everyday company’s activities. She typed letters to assist in collection efforts. Even though she had a lot of obligations, individuals around her were continually inspired by the measure of work she could achieve while participating in these sorts of ground-level exercises. Ruth’s extensive involvement in business assisted her to venture into computer systems.


Currently, the members of Ruth’s family are tasked with the mandate of managing IC System, and it is evident that the earliest principles and approaches that she instilled from the time the company was established, have a lingering effect up to now. The values that she brought on board are playing a vital role in the management of the organization up to date. IC System is a majorly women-owned company. Women hold the position of chairmanship and chief officer for compliance in the organization.