Israeli Envoy: Daniel Taub’s Legacy Remembered

When Daniel Taub meet with the Elizabeth II, Queen Regent of the United Kingdom, he was filled with a burning desire to change history by bringing both the State of Israel and the whole of the United Kingdom into a warmer and more reciprocal relationship. At that time, in 2011, he could scarcely have imagine that he would indeed accomplish just that over the course of the next four years. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

After this period of time, Mr. Taub quietly retired from active governmental employment and looked back over his career with a optimistic eye.

One of the reasons for his intensive optimism was the fact that the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom had indeed improved a good deal, with the two world powers now closer than ever, which is important, as Mr. Taub has remarked in public interviews on numerous occasions, not just because it is pleasing that the Jewish people and the Brits can get on well, but also because what Israel and the United Kingdoms do has tremendous impact upon almost every other nation on earth, especially those who are plugged into, and reliant upon, the increasingly global economy.

Daniel Taub’s exploits as envoy to The Crown did not pass without a great deal of notice, however, so much so that when he retired near the whole of the UK’s Jewish community wished him a fond farewell and expressed both their utmost admiration for what he had accomplished as well as their sorrow that he would no longer be acting as an ambassador.

Indeed, Mr. Taub was so popular amongst his own people, as well as the sizable British Jewish community that he is often considered among the single most popular and respected ambassador to the UK since the beloved Israeli diplomat Shlomo Argov who operated as emissary to The Crown during the 1980s.

Naturally, such a illustrious and pleasant career draws curiosity, with many people asking the question: How was Mr. Taub so successful? In Taub’s own words, he attributes his success largely to three distinct factors, namely, Faith and pragmatism and a keen understanding that what is good for Israel and the UK is far, far more important than personal political quibbling.

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  1. Christina Emiliano Post author

    Mr. Taub is an exemplary leader in the 21st century where it seems to be all about confrontations. It is remarkable to see that people still hold personal and cordial relarionships at premium. As aussie essays puts it, his work could bring two nations of great difference closer.

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