Johanan Rand’s Compassionate Care


Johanan Rand specializes in anti-aging treatments that help seniors deal with the natural issues that come with aging. His specialties are erectile dysfunction and of course aging. His treatment for erectile dysfunction has been said to be much less invasive than treatments at traditional facilities. Johanan Rand chooses to take a more therapeutic approach to helping men understand their problem and live with it as normally as possible. Rand feels that the best way to accomplish this is by taking a more compassionate and informative approach, he provides information that helps his patients take the necessary steps to lead a normal, healthy life. By providing this information, Rand is giving his patients more control over their lives which they love. He also explains the changes in their personal hormone levels to them so that they can understand themselves and cope better. He even treats menopausal women.

Dr. Rand also helps with other aspects of aging such as memory loss that may come with illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, excessive or abnormal weight gain, anxiety and depression, and mood disorders that may come with menopause. He tries to help his patients make adjustments in their diet and exercise regimen which definitely aids in leading a healthy life, and he offers postural realignment therapies for patients suffering from severe fatigue.

Rand feels patient education is critical to treatment and is what’s missing in most anti-aging therapy programs. He continues to set himself apart by offering patients educational opportunities about what they are dealing with personally, and offering informative interviews to the public about aging and almost every important aspect of it that few may know.

Patients are raving about Johanan Rand’s emphasis on compassion, it’s most important to suffering patients with fatal illnesses and painful medical conditions. Patients are saying their symptoms are now managed and maintain, and they are showing more control over their condition.

Rand works to make sure patients can manage their daily lives with little assistance and maintain as active a role as possible in their family’s lives.