Lori Senecal’s Tenure at CP+B Comes to an End

Lori Senecal, the CEO of CP+B will be retiring at the end of this year. She has been with this agency since the year 2015. However, the transformation she has achieved makes it seem like she has been with the company for a decade. She has managed to make this MDC Partners’ a global leader within the industry. Through inventiveness, she has gotten CP+B to be a major player, earning clients like Paypal and American Airline. She also led the company to being recognized for the Creativity Innovators of the Year Award by Advertising Age. Her work has not only been recognized by her bosses, but by awards like Lion Cannes and Advertising Age.

According to Adweek, therefore, you would understand why the company is sad to be letting her go. The Chairman of CP+B, Porter commented on her announcement to retire, saying that the company would be letting go one of the most innovative leaders in the industry. However, being a good friend and partner, she would be helping the owners of the company in molding the next leader who will be succeeding her. It is stipulated that Danielle Aldrich will be her successor. Aldrich is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs, working in one of the 10 offices of CP+B. She was one of the directors for CP+B Boulder, before being promoted to the position of CP+B West president. Lori Senecal recognized her as one of the most inventive leaders, which is exactly what the company is looking for in a leader.

When Senecal started out, she was a very shy person, but she realized that this would get in her way of success. Besides, her job involved talking in front of hundreds of people. She quxikly mastered the art of public speaking and convincing people and that is how she rose through the ranks to get to where she is today.

In the past, she worked for KBS and like all other places, where she has worked; she transformed the company to regain its former glory. She has received so many awards for her good work.

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