Doe a Deere, a female entrepreneur!

A pop of color, and puff of glitter soaring across the beauty industry! If you have seen it, than you probably know it’s Doe Deere. Born in Russia, she made the move to New York while quite young to further her musical interests. She attended college for a degree in fashion, leaving before she finished to start her own business. The beauty guru and entrepreneur always appears in eye catching, frequently changing looks that include her signature bold pops of color and magic. The founder of Lime Crime is the personification of her brand that focuses on unicorn and fairy tale inspired make up.


Deere says that the focus on providing a unique range of products is what drives the cult following for the make up brand. She says that the company loves sharing the excitement about upcoming products with their followers. It lets the excitement build up to a really successful product launch. The comments and feedback from their clients is really instrumental in helping them to develop new products that people want.


Of course the quality of the products is a must for a cult following as well, and she says that it is policy not to make products that they do not think are great. The company has a team that works to create the perfect formulation for every product.


She also believes that the packaging of the make up is almost as important as the product itself. She says that the quality and look of the packaging will communicates the quality of the product. And we’d be lying if we said that the packaging wasn’t what usually draws us in.


Palettes are particularly special, and she says that they make the color selection match a theme or story that goes with that particular palette. She thinks that the collection of eyeshadows are a great way to tell a story with color, which is what they have done with their popular Venus palettes.


Doe Deere says that the Pantone color of the year is ultraviolet, which is a perfect complement to Lime Crime’s unicorn inspired theme. The Venus palette three for example is loaded with different shades of purple. The unicorn theme is meant to inspire people to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves through color and make up. Deere says that we live in a time where people are starting to appreciate these values, and that is part of what drives her brand’s success.


For those who want to sport bolder shades, but are hesitant to take the plunge, she advises them to take baby steps. Wearing the shade at home for long enough to be accustomed to seeing it on yourself is something she advises as a first step to wearing bolder looks. For her, being individual means not being afraid to be yourself. And she says that she wishes she could tell her younger self not to be hesitant about make-u,p and how powerful it could be for her. Learn more:

Wes Edens: Towards Personalized Financial Advisory Services

One of the main challenges faced by investors is finding an experienced financial advisor with analytical skills and excellent business acumen to guide them. Financial advisors with such qualities can be the difference between securing your wealth and losing investments worth millions of dollars. One such experienced financial advisor is Wes Edens: a venture capitalist and private equity specialist based in the Greater New York City Area. Currently serving as the co-chairman and co-chief executive officer at Fortress Investment Group LLC, a diversified investment service provider he co-founded, Mr. Edens is also a serial investor with interests in video gaming and sports industries.

Wes Edens has built his reputation as private equity specialist on sound academic background and experience in the financial services sector. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Oregon State University where he graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He also specialized in Finance. His over three-decade experience in the financial and investment industry began in 1987 with the appointment by Lehman Brothers to serve as a managing director. He was also made partner at the firm before leaving in 1993 to join BlackRock Asset Investors, a division of BlackRock, to serve in the same capacity. In 1998, he partnered with four other investors to found at Fortress Investment. Since its founding, the company has grown exponentially with Wes Edens’ creative and visionary leadership for its growth.

Wes Edens is a creative financial advisor with visionary leadership skills. He has played a vital role in the growth Fortress Investment’s which reached its apex with the multi-million initial public offering in 2009, asset base growth, and diversification of investment services portfolio to other industries such as transportation and video gaming. Wes Edens is also an excellent subprime lending specialist. He played a vital role in Fortress Investment’s acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services. The growth of Fortress Investment also led to a significant ballooning of Wes Edens’ fortune. In 2008, he ranked among the world’s top 1,000th wealthiest people in the world by Forbes magazine. He featured at number 962.Wes Edens’ important role at Fortress, which also includes serving as the chairman of Springleaf Financial Services and Nationstar Mortgage, saw him take home a whopping $54.4 million in 2016 in compensations and dividends from his 63.3 million shares in Fortress Investment. Such income has enabled Wes Edens to invest in other industries including the purchase of Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 and video gaming team, FlyQuest.

Rodrigo Terpins: The Pride of Brazil

Rodrigo Terpins’ Career History & Background

If we had to list the most challenging and demanding fields or industries to work in, many people would list business or the medical industry at the top of their list. However, if one is not familiar with rally driving as a career, it truly is one of if not the most challenging line of work. For most individuals, they would never think, or even dream, to become a rally driver. The amount of commitment, sacrifice, and danger that this sport has it far exceeds that of any other industry. This is what makes this sport so entertaining. in addition, this is what allows us to reflect on professionals in this sport. Having said that, perhaps no other rally driver has been as impactful and as influential as has Rodrigo Terpins has been in his career. As one of the more prominent professionals in this field, Rodrigo Terpins has been a pioneer and leader to many other professionals in his area of expertise. In many ways, Rodrigo Terpins is seen as the pinnacle of success as a rally driver. To further get this point across, Rodrigo Terpins has set the bar high for what it takes to be an accomplished and successful rally driver. Impressively enough, there is still so much more to his successful ways. Check out Odiario to know more.


Perhaps more than anything, Rodrigo Terpins has shown tremendous pride in where he is from and who he represents in his job. Representing his home country of Brazil, Rodrigo Terpins has established himself as a national hero and the pride of Brazil. As amazing as that sounds, this is definitely the true impact that Rodrigo Terpins has had on his country. Furthermore, when we reflect on his many career achievement, it is easy to see why Brazil has been so proud of Rodrigo Terpins as a rally driver. In fact, Rodrigo Terpins has used this pride as a fuel source for when he is competing. Overall, Rodrigo Terpins has shown what it takes to thrive in a very difficult line of work. Needless to say, Terpins is more than deserving of the recognition he receives on a daily basis.

Businessman Gregory Aziz

As an entrepreneur, Gregory James Aziz has always been blessed with an eye for good business opportunities. Throughout the lifespan of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz has had to use his uncanny business acumen to help steer the largest railroad manufacturer to ever-increasing heights, from its original inception in 1912. When he first took over the leadership of the company, his top priority was to take measures to improve and streamline their business management operations. For more than 100 years, National Steel Car has held strong to their commitment to quality products and high-level customer service. In 1994, when Aziz first joined their advisory board, National Steel Car’s facility could only produce about 3,000 units a year.


Seeing how small the company’s workforce was, Gregory James Aziz decided to hire another 2,400 people to work in the manufacturing plant. 16 years later, the number of employees increased to over 4,000, thanks in no small part to the dedication and hard work of management under Aziz’s leadership. As a result of his management restructuring, the company has significantly increased its manufacturing volume from 3,500 vehicles to 12,000 vehicles per year. That is why Canpotex, which has been working with National Steel Car since 1999, purchased 700 railway trams from National Steel Car; the deal estimated at a total worth of 70 million U.S. dollars.


Gregory James Aziz has attributed the success of National Steel Car to a strong working relationship between staff and management. This solid staff-to-management relationship was likely forged during Aziz’s experience working in investment banking sector prior to joining National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz, also known as James Aziz, was born and raised in London Ontario, on April 30, 1949. Before gaining success in investment banking, Gregory J Aziz joined his family’s home-grown food business in 1971, after graduation from Western University in Ontario. This family business sold imported food for local markets. With his knowledge and expertise, their family business was able to expand and become a food importer from both South America and Europe. Refer to This Article for more information.


The Hamilton Ontario community has gained many benefits as a result of National Steel Car’s tremendous success. When not directly involved in railroad industry business, Greg Aziz is a philanthropist and a self-motivated person who has created innovative ideas that help other companies streamline their production.




Gregory Aziz Ambitions at National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz through his skills in the arena of leadership has set National Steel Car at a vantage position in the market. He was born in the city of London in April 1949 and spent the better part of his life with London. There are many roles that he played while at his tender age and demonstrated his passion in the matters of business and entrepreneurship. He became one of the workers who were serving in the family business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. Gregory J Aziz put his efforts in helping the company grow in the market. He dedicated much of his time in reading the market trends and spotting the new opportunities for the firm.


The resilience Greg showed in the company made him become a manager who was concerned in drafting the measures and the directions of the company’s marketing. He then fosters the company in the market as the leading on the matter of the fresh produce in entire Europe. Furthermore, he stretched the boundaries of the company’s strategies and reached out to the clients located in other parts of Canada and United States.


Gregory J Aziz had made many investments in several banking institutions based in New York. The revenue he gained from the deal placed him at a better side of acquiring the National Steel Car. The central place of the principal office of the firm is located in Hamilton. Greg became the CEO and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He combined all the necessary means to make the company the leading on matters of the railroad and freight car manufacturing.


Aziz set specialized individuals in all segments of the organization to allow the coordination of the information within the system. The mission at the forefront of the National Steel Car is to serve their customers with quality and standardized products in the market. National Steel Car has confirmed to the ISO requirements. The Greg Aziz aims to push for the well and appropriate services in the market.


As the president of the organization, Gregory James Aziz has stretched the employment circle within the company. The reason behind the idea was to improve to the specialization. The modern way of handling issues has been cultured by the team members. The concept has enhanced innovation as part of the company’s agenda. Find More Information Here.


Gregory J Aziz has integrated the right measure to push for the National Steel Car to the right niche on the matter of production.

The History of the Frontera Fund

October 18th in 2007 was a monumental night for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. That’s because that’s when they were both arrested by the designated “Selective Enforcement Unit” that was chosen by Joe Arpaio, the sheriff for Maricopa County in Arizona. Larkin and Lacey were two prominent faces who worked for Village Voice Media. They had no choice but to exit their residences. They both resided in the Phoenix region. They were pushed into SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) that had no markings at all. These vehicles were equipped with windows that had dark tinting, too. They had license plates that were issued in Mexico. They, after all of that, were placed into two prisons. Both of these prisons were run by Arpaio. He was the man who was behind everything. He was the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in the United States. He was upset for a number of different factors. He was particularly upset by Phoenix New Times pieces that showcased all of the things he did wrong on a routine basis. This prominent publication alerted the public to many things he did that were potentially problematic. It discussed his office’s plentiful management issues, first and foremost. It delved into his office’s plentiful financial inconsistencies as well.


Larkin and Lacey’s arrests were the result of a Phoenix New Times cover story that talked about Arpaio’s friends who worked for the attorney’s office located in Maricopa County. These people gave out grand jury subpoenas that attempted to get information regarding peoples’ Internet browsing behaviors. These people included readers and newspaper staff members alike. Larkin and Lacey weren’t intimidated, though. They didn’t respond to the subpoenas in the way that Arpaio desired. They made the decision to craft an article about them.


Larkin and Lacey’s arrests made massive waves all around the United States. The pair, because of that, were allowed to leave prison within a span of 24 hours total. Any charges that were placed against them were totally withdrawn, too.


Their arrests brought on a lengthy and time-consuming court fight that was based on power abuses and First Amendment rights. Larkin and Lacey received a settlement that totaled close to $4 million. Maricopa County was responsible for paying the duo. The county did so back in 2013. Larkin and Lacey set aside this money to establish the Frontera Fund. This organization is all about diverse civil rights problems located in Arizona.


Louis Chenevert’s Professional Accomplishments at United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is an esteemed CEO of United Technologies Corporation, a multinational company focused in the manufacturing and engineering building and aerospace technology. He built a legacy as its head that will forever be reflected upon by generations in the company. He was the man that steered UTC to success during times of economic recession. His brilliance and articulate leadership saw him being admired during and after his time at UTC.

Louis Chenevert envisioned and implemented strategic management policies focused on mainstreaming production and innovation processes. He sought to improve quality of the products. He committed an ideal amount of funds and time into improving the skills and creativity of the workers which has a direct impact on the innovations created. Louis had previously worked with Pratt & Whitney which had engineered a Geared Turbofan engine. As the CEO of UTC, he adapted the subsidiary’s technology and invested heavily in its production as it had resultant economic and environmental benefits. The GTF engine was adopted by multiple aircrafts which increased UTC’s profit substantially.

The investment and efforts put into technological advancement have driven growth at UTC and the aerospace industry as a whole. GTF engine and other products have created avenues for employment of future generations with diversified talents. UTC increased its market share under the direction of Mr. Louis, consequently supporting the U.S economy.

While at UTC, Louis Chenevert revolutionized the company’s operations tactics by putting in place groundbreaking moves that set the company ahead of the competition. He was responsible for centralizing production in Connecticut by teaming top engineers who shared ideologies and solved problems easily. Louis negotiated the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation, an aircraft component manufacturer, in order to reduce internal costs of production. He was insightful and led the company in making informed decisions. His spectacular nature allowed him to achieve the set short-term goals with respect to the long-term success of the company.

Louis Chenevert’s work at UTC is a reputation that precedes him as it was dynamic. He is an accomplished exclusive advisor at Goldman Sachs. He makes time to pursue his interests and spend time with his family.

Nevo by Jeunesse Global Available for Those Who Need Their Caffeine Fix

A daily caffeine fix is something that a lot of people cannot get through their day without. They might go for a cup of coffee or an energy drink from their local store, but they just have to have that caffeine boost if they want to make it through the day. They might not appreciate all of the extra ingredients that come in their caffeinated beverages though. This is particularly true when they are drinking something like an energy drink.

Instead of having all of those added ingredients that the public does not want, Jeunesse Global decided to do something a little different with the energy drink they put out. They said no to artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. They said yes to just fifty calories per can. This means that even the person who is on a restrictive diet can enjoy the taste of a great caffeine-based beverage.

It is not every day that a company like Jeunesse Global comes along. With the worldwide vision of helping people live healthier and more youthful lives, this brand does a lot to put out products that they really believe in. They make sure that every customer knows that they are receiving something that is of real value.

The company was founded back in 2009 but now has products available join more than one-hundred countries worldwide. They use a distributor network to reach as many people as they possibly can. At the same time, this allows their distributors to make a little extra money for themselves along the way as well. You may well know a distributor for this company in your own community.

If you are interested in their products, you ought to take a look at their Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). This is the most comprehensive collection of their products on display for you to review. They all have different characteristics about them that you might like. Each one seeks to solve a problem that many have complained about when it comes to aging. Everything from not getting enough sleep to not feeling energized in the mornings is covered. You should check it out today.

Creative Visions of Fashion Showcased by the Academy of Art University

In the Huffington Post article, The Future of Fashion:Academy of Art University NYFW Shows by Stephan Rabimov, New York Fashion Week was the stage for the Academy of Art University School of Fashion designers to showcase their collections. On September 9,2017 the School of Fashion had its twenty first runway showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square. The article displays a video of the show, as well as beautiful photos of the individual favorite designs with corresponding designer statements.


Since 1929 the Academy of Art University has been offering graduate and undergraduate programs in design, communication and the arts. Classes are available online as well as on campus. The campus is located in the heart of San Francisco, which allows students to experience the finest in the arts and inspiration for future designers.


The Academy of Art University expresses that all students desiring a profession in art and design should be able to fulfill that dream. Once accepted, students will have access to instruction from a faculty highly experienced in the area they are teaching, as well as an excellent student-faculty ratio. Students will be able to experience hands on learning due to being located in one of the finest artistic and cultural hubs in the nation. Online students, who might have limited access due to location or time restraints, will also be able to fulfill their ambitions with outstanding online courses.


The School of Fashion allows students to showcase their work at New York Fashion Week as well as the Annual Graduation Fashion Show in San Francisco. Several career paths in the fashion industry are available, with students having access to state of the art tools and cutting-edge facilities to enhance creative collections.


The designs that were on view at New York Fashion Week, as shown in the article, are a wonderful example of the caliber of talent at the Academy of Art University. The opportunity to showcase designs by such gifted students is one of the experiences that make the Academy of Art University an outstanding choice for students in art and design.


The Exceptional Reviews of NewsWatch TV’s Stellar Quality

NewsWatch TV is one of the most popular American television shows that have received airplay on renowned television channels such as ION Network and AMC Network. The Fairfax, Virginia-based company has an array of specialties that traverse many areas such as Entertainment, Video News Releases, Satellite Media Tours, broadcast media and National television. The 30-Minute Television Show is also known for variety of topics that it underscores, including consumer and business news, medical and healthcare issues, fashion, travel, tourism and various awareness campaigns.

Founded in 1989, NewsWatch TV has stood out as one of the most remarkable TV shows over the past years. This can be attributed to a series of factors such as their impressive presence on social media platforms. Moreover, the show features many celebrities who appear for interviews such as Jennifer Lawrence, Phil Mickelson, Brooklyn Decker and Joe Montana.

Quite saliently, NewsWatch TV is has impeccable reputation. This can be attested to by the fact that that it has received several accolades and awards over the past few years. The TV show received the National Videographer Awards in 2017, the 2017 Marcom Award, and the Silver Telly Award in 2016.

The stellar quality offered by NewsWatch TV can be exemplified by the outstanding reviews and testimonials that viewers give from time to time. Some of the most outstanding reviews include one by Bret Hudson, a product Marketing Manager at Contour Designs. He averred that they have recorded a humongous increase in their workstation series sales courtesy of the exceptional quality of video production by NewsWatch TV.

Another important review was made by Tim Rush, the Vice President of Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer. Tim Rush stated that NewsWatch TV stands out as the TV show that delivers the right content, in the right way, and at the right time.

Put simply, NewsWatch TV is an award-winning television show that has virtually redefined the television realm by dint of the insightful and informative content that they air on every episode. It is certainly the hotbed of entertainment and thrill for all members of the family.