The Environmental Sustainability Projects of Waiakea Water

Bottled water has become one of the most popular bottled products in the beverage industry. In as much water is a necessity, consumers have started boycotting bottled water because of the implications which plastic poses to the environment. Most enterprises that package water have been accused of ripping off their clients by filtering city water and selling it at exorbitant prices. There is a company that is taking the water bottling industry by storm called Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. The firm has resorted to eco-conscious packaging that ensures the environment doesn’t suffer from non-degradable plastic bottles. Waiakea’s water is bottled at the source giving it a natural taste and a touch of purity.

The owner of Waiakea Water narrates how he came up with the idea of building one of the most distinguished water bottling companies. Ryan Emmons decided to establish Waiakea Water so that he could afford other people the chance to taste pure and healthy water from hills of Hawaii. When he was growing up, Ryan Emmons together with his family got the chance of accessing the naturally available water from the rocks of Hawaii.

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Waiakea water is harvested from a virgin source that is located to the Southwest of Hilo, Hawaii. The water undergoes earth’s natural purification process that fortifies it with minerals and gives it an alkaline PH. The water is full of vital minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The whole process of production of Waiakea Water is eco-friendly. First, the water is harvested from a 1.4 billion gallon aquifer in Hawaii. The bottling at source process utilizes readily available renewable energy. The water is then packaged in plastic bottles that can degrade over a period of 15 years. The process of manufacturing weaker plastic requires less energy than the one required to make traditional plastic.
Waiakea water is also committed to the welfare of communities across the globe. The company is in active partnerships with various organizations such as the Pump Aid. Pump Aid is an organization that is helping millions of people in Africa to access clean drinking water.

Avi Weisfogel Helps the World Get Better by Helping it Sleep Better

Did you know that getting plenty of quality, restful sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself in terms of having a healthy and productive life? It’s true. Sleep plays a vital role in many aspects of your life, from promoting good mental health, to regulating metabolism, to allowing for the fighting or disease and the repair of injury. If you are not getting enough sleep you are setting yourself up for a myriad of avoidable challenges in your life.

One of the leading causes of lack of quality sleep for Americans is sleep apnea of varying degrees. Sleep apnea is caused by a wide variety of reasons and can lead to momentary disruption of proper breathing patterns while sleeping for just a moment. This disruption in the regular breathing cycle can cause you to come out of the deep, restful sleep that your body needs. As stated previously, there are a lot of causes of sleep apnea, but most often the same remedy is prescribed, a C-PAP or Bi-PAP machine. This isn’t the only way to get relief though. A wonderful man named Avi Weisfogel, who is a renowned dentist, and recognized sleep apnea specialist to the rich and powerful has devised a better way to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea and therefore help people get the better nights sleep that they need.

Dr. Weisfogel might seem like an odd person to be working to find a cure for the disruption sleep apnea can cause in one’s life. After all, dentistry and sleep apnea are not what one might call, pardon the pun, familiar bed fellows. Dr. Weisfogel however, found that despite their immediately apparent lack of connection, there were inexplicably linked. As such, he was able to develop a program to help people with their sleep issues and get the good night’s sleep they need and deserve.

Dr. Weisfogel has a passion for helping people. When he finished his education, he started his own dental practice and from there began to volunteer in a variety of ways in the greater NYC community to give back to the community that he loved so much. He was named best dentist in New York City two years in a row right after starting his practice. He also holds a bachelor degree in both Biology and Psychology, which he has used to further assist his dental patients to lead better lives. It was during these years that he started to develop the system that he now uses to help people who suffer from sleep apnea and other conditions get a great night’s sleep.

The Dental Sleep Masters program is just one way that he has chosen to give back to the world and make it a little bit better place. His philosophy is that no one can be at their best and do all of the wonderful things that they are destined to do if they don’t start out feeling, looking, and performing at their best, and that starts with a good night’s sleep. The program involved the use of a prescription dental device that gently moves the jaw forward, opening the airway and allowing the regular breathing pattern that our body depends on to go uninterrupted all night.

Dr. Weisfogel loves the possibility of what people can be when they perform at their best. He developed the Dental Sleep Masters program, and pursues a wide range of philosophical pursuits to help ensure that everyone has the chance to be the best they can be. He is a great man who shows that helping others can start with something as simple as a good night’s sleep.

Monkey Capital and its Founder Daniel Mark Harrison

Cryptocurrencies are a modern-day phenomenon, starting with the creation of Bitcoin back in 2009. Even though our society is so intensive on technology, it’s still difficult for analysts to make any sense of Bitcoin, Etherem, Litecoin, or any of the thousands of altcoins. Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison, a prominent figure in Asian cryptocurrency circles, works in a handful of various roles at the moment, although he’s likely best known for being the managing partner of Monkey Capital, a hedge fund that’s decentralized – a key characteristic of cryptocurrencies.

Monkey Capital currently invests in supply contracts belonging to SpaceX and various Blockchain technologies. A unique part of Monkey Capital is its autonomous speculation of ICO, or initial coin offerings, similar to initial public offerings (IPO) in stock trading. By analyzing Blockchain transactions, Monkey Capital’s algorithmic brain can accurately predict the likelihood of particular results occurring prior to new cryptocurrencies is even released. Another unique aspect of Monkey Capital is its self-classification as an account that receives dividends, although claiming it isn’t the daily manager of the hedge fund. The layout is difficult to understand, but just know that it’s ultra-innovative and the birthing of a genius – well, three of them.

Although initial coin offerings are only quasi-legal at the moment due to the Securities and Exchange Commission not pushing forward a ruling on regulations regarding ICOs. Monkey Capital has been mentioned in several news sources, most notably the Huffington Post. The decentralized hedge fund is lead by co-founders Daniel Mark Harrison and Darshan Vyas, alongside former Barclays employee Marcelo Garcia-Casil.

With Daniel Mark Harrison at the helm, Monkey Capital expects to take over a public company – if not more than one – and tack its size onto decentralized exchanges, helping grow cryptocurrencies and blockchains even further.

Mr. Harrison went to college at the University of Oxford for one year, studying theology, then completed the bachelor’s degree at Lancing College. He has since earned an MBA and a master’s in journalism.

He’s written for several publications, including TheStreet and The Motley Fool. More recently, starting in May of 2015, he earned the title of Editor-in-Chief at Marx Rand. Starting that October, he became Chairman and CEO if his self-titled company, including Editor-in-Chief of Coinspeaker.

Louis Chenevert’s Help for UTC

Standing at over six feet tall, Louis Chenevert‘s height is an apt reflection of the feats he has been able to accomplish all through his career. Most of his working years have been spent working as a CEO at general Motors and his reign at United Technologies Corporation (UTC). French-Canadian by birth, Louis went on with his education at the Universite de Montreal (HEC), attaining a bachelors’ degree in production management.

Having worked for more than 10 years at general Motors, Louis joined the Pratt & Whitney business Unit which was part of the larger UTC. He went on to be elected as the overall president at Pratt &Whitney in 1999. He worked in this position for seven years and was later elected as the CEO and president at UTC.
It is under his leadership at this company that he achieved impressive feats especially as the leader of the conglomerate worth about 100 billion dollars. This was an achievement that most corporate executives are yet to realize even in their entire career. He specifically put his focus towards achieving Goodrich. He finally made through his deal after several months of negotiation, thus acquiring Goodrich at a price of $18.4 billion.
While at the helm of UTC, Chenevert laid his focus more on making the company digital oriented by making use of the most advanced technologies in its operations. This is in addition to his investment in human resource in order to ensure the company remained competitive in the market. Right from the moment he took over the leadership of the company, he made use of his vast experience to turn around the fortunes of the company with the aim of leaving it much better than he found it. He truly believed in the power of technology and the need to have the right personnel who can spearhead the company in the right direction. This was clearly seen in the company’s commitment to the Employee Scholar Program that ensured any employee seeking to pursue further education got the right funding to help improve their skill for the long term development of the company.

Israeli Envoy: Daniel Taub’s Legacy Remembered

When Daniel Taub meet with the Elizabeth II, Queen Regent of the United Kingdom, he was filled with a burning desire to change history by bringing both the State of Israel and the whole of the United Kingdom into a warmer and more reciprocal relationship. At that time, in 2011, he could scarcely have imagine that he would indeed accomplish just that over the course of the next four years. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

After this period of time, Mr. Taub quietly retired from active governmental employment and looked back over his career with a optimistic eye.

One of the reasons for his intensive optimism was the fact that the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom had indeed improved a good deal, with the two world powers now closer than ever, which is important, as Mr. Taub has remarked in public interviews on numerous occasions, not just because it is pleasing that the Jewish people and the Brits can get on well, but also because what Israel and the United Kingdoms do has tremendous impact upon almost every other nation on earth, especially those who are plugged into, and reliant upon, the increasingly global economy.

Daniel Taub’s exploits as envoy to The Crown did not pass without a great deal of notice, however, so much so that when he retired near the whole of the UK’s Jewish community wished him a fond farewell and expressed both their utmost admiration for what he had accomplished as well as their sorrow that he would no longer be acting as an ambassador.

Indeed, Mr. Taub was so popular amongst his own people, as well as the sizable British Jewish community that he is often considered among the single most popular and respected ambassador to the UK since the beloved Israeli diplomat Shlomo Argov who operated as emissary to The Crown during the 1980s.

Naturally, such a illustrious and pleasant career draws curiosity, with many people asking the question: How was Mr. Taub so successful? In Taub’s own words, he attributes his success largely to three distinct factors, namely, Faith and pragmatism and a keen understanding that what is good for Israel and the UK is far, far more important than personal political quibbling.

“Gregory Aziz – His Company Is On Track To Greater Success”

Mr. Gregory James Aziz is the current Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and President of National Steel Car, a prime company, that manufacture and engineer railroad freight cars.

He was born in London, Ontario, located in the province of central Canada, where he attended school at Ridley College and later on, at the University of Western Ontario. He majored and received a degree in Economics.


In 1970, after finishing his secondary education, he started working with his family, who owned and operated Affiliated Foods.


Affiliated Foods was a wholesale food business that received fresh food from countries such as Europe and South America. This food was distributed throughout the United States and Eastern Canada for selling in their wholesale market outlets.

The family business prospered through the year as it sold it goods worldwide.


In the 80s, Gregory J. Aziz moved to New York City, to take a chance in the investment banking field. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, he worked on several financial projects. However, in 1994 he made a deal that would be the beginning of something extraordinary.


That year, he purchased National Steel Car from a Canadian company called Dofasco. At one time, this company was doing a brisk business, but it dwindled. Greg Aziz had plans to develop National Steel Car to a leading producer and engineering platform for the production of railroad freight cars in the United States. Get More Information for additional information.

Focusing on engineering, teamwork and capital investments helped National Steel Car to progress quickly within a five-year period.


From the time of the purchase in 1994, to the year 1999, the company advanced from producing 3,500 freight cars to 12,000. Also, there were roughly 600 employees at the beginning, but that number rose to nearly 3000.


Through its persistence for perfection, National Steel Car excels in the industry and it is on the forefront in constructing thousands of new railroad freight cars annually.


For the past eighteen years, they have won the certified ISO 9001:2008, which is a prestigious award.


It is given only to those companies that abide by stringent guidelines that result in superior products and customer satisfaction.


This is only one of the many honors National Steel Car has had bestowed upon them.


Not only is Mr. Greg James Aziz a successful entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist, in which he supports a variety of benevolent programs.


Some of the charities he is funding include United Way, Salvation Army and the local Hamilton Opera House.


Overall, I guess you could say Mr. Gregory James Azia has always been on the fast track to a success.


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Business Magnate Gregory Aziz Grows Manufacturing Company In The Technology Age

Gregory J. Aziz is a prominent Canadian businessman based in Hamilton, Ontario. He serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer.



Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario. After attending Ridley College in Catharines, ON, he enrolled at the University of Western Ontario in London, ON where he earned a degree in economics.



Aziz’s career began with his family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. In the 1980s and early 1990s he worked in investment banking in New York. In 1994 Greg Aziz arranged the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco with the goal of reviving the Canadian company’s status as a leader in railroad manufacturing.




Since it was founded in 1912, National Steel Car has served as a reputable designer and manufacturer of freight cars for the railroad industry. While the company has a history of responsiveness to the changing demands of the industry, Gregory Aziz’s leadership elevated the company to new heights in the face of the technology age. Get More Information Here.




Under Aziz’s tutelage, National Steel Car made sizable investments in the company’s people and processes. The result was a more than threefold increase in manufacturing capability within the first 5 years under Greg Aziz. In the same period Aziz and National Steel Car added over 2,000 jobs to the Canadian economy. Today, National Steel Car continues to thrive under Aziz, with ISO 9001:2008 certification and best in class industry quality recognition from TTX SECO.




In addition to the expanding the business of National Steel Car, Aziz has grown the company’s presence in the community as well. He and his wife personally sponsor Canada’s preeminent agricultural fair – the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair – and he has made similar charitable investments a part of National Steel Car’s culture. National Steel Car has supported Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army and other Hamilton-based community charities. National Steel Car employees are also encouraged to give back, and participate each year in a company-wide food drive for local food banks.


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Bridget Scarr – on topic article

As the Executive Producer of Colibri Studios, Bridget Scarr has been bringing her creative content to life ever since her career beginnings in 2005. Bridget Scarr started off as a production manager at the Urban Brew Studios stationed in the Johannesburg area in South Africa. As part of the team, she helped with the development of various product commercials and live television shows. Her focus to shift careers as an executive at Colibri Studios was made after she wanted to be able to create all of her ideas under one roof, no matter what kind of creative content they might be. Scarr has dabbled in virtual reality, digital content, exhibition pieces and augmented reality. Her current augmented reality project lets individuals connect to history in a deep-seated way with stories from the common people who have lived during those times. The stories are from actual real people with diverse cultural backgrounds which allows the augmented reality project very relatable and memorable. One of Bridget’s former careers also involved tv production. She worked under Ogilvy & Mather as a freelance tv producer for Brand Activation in 2007. Some major brands she has dealt with while working there include: Peroni, Nestle, Motorola, Castle Lite and Miller.


Bridget Scarr graduated in 2004 with a BA Hons degree in drama at the Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. Scarr currently lives in London as an Executive Producer for Colibri Studios where she can focus on creating lifestyle programming formats and factual entertainment. The studio combines in-depth research and strategy through technology to develop projects that are immersed with thought provoking and compelling stories. Broadcasters and global production partners paired up with Colibri, helping them get on-board with the best talent. As Bridget works with Colibri Studios, she is excited to work with their virtual reality projects, one of the studios various mediums. She feels that virtual reality is a great way to connect people with a new engaging form of education. It has a strong capability to stir emotions when it is done correctly and it can offer countless ways for museums to create new exhibitions. Bridget Scarr has well over 15 years of experience as a producer. She vows to create the content she loves; things that are aesthetically pleasing, inspirational, thought-provoking, visually rich and awakened globally. The studio’s projects all have a unique flair about them and are beautifully executed with rich stories.


Connect with Bridget Scarr on LinkedIn.

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Alexandre Gama Has A Prominent Ad Agency In Brazil

Do you need an advertising agency or consultant in Brazil? Want to reach the right audience for your product or service? Alexandre Gama is one of the top advertising professionals in Brazil, and can help take your business to the next level.

Alexandre Gama has been rendering top notch advertising service to clients throughout Brazil and comes highly recommended in the industry. Alexandre Gama has a team of highly knowledgeable copywriters, planners, researchers and advertising campaign management specialists.

Every smart entrepreneur or company manager understands that effective advertising plays a huge role in marketing and business. It is important to hire an experienced advertising consultant to handle the creation and implementation of your advertising and promotions.

A successful marketing or advertising campaign generates more customers and leads to more talk about your company and your products, creating awareness and building brand awareness.

Numerous businesses, establishments, marketers and organizations turn to Alexandre Gama and his team for top notch marketing and advertising help. Alexandre Gama will work with you to develop the right strategy and promotional materials to meet your needs.

When you get in touch with Alexandre Gama and his advertising team, they will take the time to review your advertising and marketing needs, and make recommendations for improvement. Alexandre Gama is passionate about helping clients achieve great outcome with their ad campaign and he will help you succeed.

If you want the best possible outcome you need to contact Alexandre Gama right away.


Bernardo Chua Thrives in Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua has become famous in the immediate deals industry. Throughout the years, he has directed his energies on tea, espresso and different items that utilization an interesting fixing, ganoderma. Beforehand, Chua worked for Gano Excel.

After his prosperity with Gano Excel Philippines, he was elevated to oversee Gano Excel USA. By and by, he runs his own particular organization, Organo Gold. The adroit agent has prevailing with regards to presenting the masses of North America to the advantages of ganoderma.

His companions allude him as Bernie. He spent his developmental years in Philippines. Inferable from his Chinese legacy, Chua could comprehend the benefits of ganoderma at an early age. The polypore mushrooms develops on logs wood. Remarkably, Bernie was the principal individual to effectively showcase ganoderma in tea and espresso to the world.

To prevail in the focused market, Bernardo picked to utilize the immediate offering plan of action. Utilizing this technique, Bernardo Chua has possessed the capacity to network and pitch the items to many individuals. This achievement saw him turn into a specialist of the immediate offering technique.

In 2008, the promoting master consolidated Organo Gold in Vancouver, Canada. The new business had just three workers. Today, the multi-million realm has dynamic operations in more than 35 nations. It has enlisted numerous laborers and autonomous merchants.

As of late, the organization discharged another application that will furnish general society with data about the organization, news and occasions. Also, Bernardo gave autonomous wholesalers and retail clients with uplifting news.

As indicated by The Street, he reported that another prizes program known as Preferred Customers Loyalty would be taken off. As per Chua, this program will fill in as a key business device for growing his business and enhancing his ventures.

Inferable from his business achievement, distinctive organizations have remunerated him. Bernardo Chua is a beneficiary of the Dangal ng Bayan Awards. He has likewise been perceived as an extraordinary worldwide business person.

What’s more, the organization has been granted with Two People’s Choice Awards for having the best gourmet natural wellbeing espresso. In addition, Organo Gold was perceived for being the main worldwide system showcasing organization. Chua guides youngsters with the target of improving them pioneers without bounds.

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