Review of Avatrade, Foreign Exchange Giant that is Spreading Worldwide

When deciding on a company to use for foreign exchange trading choose Avatrade. They’ve become one of the greatest international forex brokers in the world and even though founded in 2006, there actually one of the oldest online brokers. Having been able to create foundations of work with in other countries worldwide such as the British Virgin Island, Japan, Ireland, and Australia and are respected in the online broker trading realm because of client interactions across the globe that agree with their foreign exchange trading practices.


When choosing a foreign exchange broker or Forex broker it is extremely important that they are regulated for their competence in their ability to be trusted with clients as Avatrade is one of the companies that has several authorities constantly regulating them and reviewing their work even in countries where they don’t have offices such as South Africa. They had become extremely reputable and reliable able to win awards such as Best Customer Service and Best Forex broker of the Year.


Some of Avatrades most impressive feats are their ability to trade on multiple platforms such as Mac, mobile trading, Web trading, floating spreads and many more. These features suit individual’s needs and terms of how their interested in trading. But something that many people are excited about is that Avatrade offers many bonuses and promos for individuals that sign up and those who remain consistent throughout many years. They currently have a bonus for new traders to received $14,000 and this is determined by your initial deposit. It is also possible to give a 100% of the deposit back over the course of several promotions with Avatrade. Another bonus or promo that Avatrade gives out is referral bonuses. With each successful individual that you align to work with Avatrade and they actually begin trading it is possible to receive from 75 to $400.


Avatrade continues in to excel in a wide variety of trading options as individual can trade currency pairs, over 50 types including the major and minor types for 24 hours A-day 7 days a week. They also able to trade cryptocurrencies, bonds, commodities, ETF’s and more in all these trade options allow their clients to have the most diversified portfolio keeping their funds safe for themselves, for their families, and for their future investments.