Securus Christmas Videos for Inmate Morale

As a company that works primarily with people who are in prisons, Securus recognizes the need to make the connection with people who are in prison and the people who love them. They want to make sure that the people who are in prison are able to stay in touch with their families so that they will have a better chance at rehabilitation after they are out of prison. When it comes to the way that inmates can communicate with their family members, the ones who are able to have a lower recidivism rate than those who are unable to communicate with the people who they love.


During the Christmas season, the morale in most jails tends to go down because the holidays can be depressing for people who are in prison. While the people who are in jail may not have much to look forward to, Securus gives them something to get excited about. The company offers the chance to communicate with family members through video chat while they are in prison. This will allow them to see the people that they love. Even if it is in prison, they can still enjoy talking to their loved ones.


Securus is one of the only jail industry companies that offers more for the inmates. They put kiosks into prisons that include everything from inmate email to video chatting and everything in between. Some of the kiosks that are in the prisons can even allow people the chance to buy commissary right from there. This is something that is great for the prison because it reduces the need for extra staff in the prison and gives the prisoners the chance to feel like they are still able to make some decisions on their own without the need for supervision from officers.


Video chatting is becoming more popular in the outside world as well as the prison world. People who are on the outside can talk to their loved ones over video chat and inmates can do the same. While they may not be able to do everything that they want on the video chat, it is much easier than an in-person visit.


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    The inmates are still monitored while they are on video but they do not require as much staff or resources to be able to do the different things that are required of a visit with someone coming into the prison. It may also be very important for review to get a review of should be done so everybody gets in touch with what is important.

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