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While growing up, Alex Pall was a D.J around the New York area, he then realized that he was more passionate about dance music. Alex Pall’s manager had introduced him to the other half of the Chainsmokers, which would be Andrew Taggart. After getting along great,

Alex Pall quit his job, and Andrew had moved to New York from Maine, this is how the Chainsmokers were born.

The Chainsmokers are very successful and passionate about their work, because of their ambition and drive to succeed, and working every day on their music from nine in the morning until seven at night, they have successfully made it big. By pinpointing what each person brought to the table, and the strengths and weaknesses of each member, they practiced to better themselves in all possible angles. By trying different things and working together with each owns deliverance and ideas, the Chainsmokers are now a well-known group, that is heard on the radio daily.

Alex Pall has stated that all of the Chainsmokers songs, are written by him and Andrew, and that the songs are mainly about the duo’s lives. Each song has a part of Andrew and Alex Pall in them, either by being completely written by them, or being guided by them with professional songwriters.

When asked about who listens to their music most, Alex Pall stated that the Chainsmokers are now being heard international, and both boys and girls, aged sixteen to twenty-five are what keep the group going. Thanks to Instagram, Alex Pall can see what types of fans the group has and from where they are from.

Alex Pall and Andrew have been around the world performing, and feel like since their fan base is expanding, and the Chainsmokers are blowing up big time than there is a little bit of pressure to do bigger and better things. They believe in giving people the best entertainment and shows possible, by pushing themselves further to try new and different things to keep everyone entertained.

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