Adam Milstein: Focus on the strength of the State of Israel

Adam Milstein is the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council, an organization that was established a decade ago to strengthen the relationship between the Israel and America. Milstein created this group because he was interested in promoting the relationship between the Jews living in the United States and those in the Middle East. He has been very keen on helping the Jewish community to come together and fight the challenges that they face as a team.

The main challenge that faces the community today is the anti-Semitism. This vice is deeply rooted in many parts of the world. In the recent past, more Jews have experienced discrimination following anti-Semitism than it used to be before. For a number of decades, the war against anti-Semitism seemed like it is finally being won, but now it seems like the battle is being lost to the extremists.

Europe and the United States have recorded a high number of cases that fall within the confines of anti-Semitism. This increase is worrying Adam Milstein since it is coming from countries which are considered developed and civilized. The increase is attributed to the growing support that extremists from the right and the left wings have been giving to the radical Islamists who are originally the group behind this vice.

The activities of the radical groups can be seen through actions such as boycotts and bans on Israeli good in parts of Europe. This is the new approach that they have employed. The goal is to weaken Israel economically before attacking it and eliminating the Jews.

Adam Milstein believes that the strength of the Jewish community lies in the people who will implement the measures that are being taken to strengthen the community and the State of Israel. This group of people is the young Jews. The current generation of the young Jews deserve to be shown the way and supported so that they can be great advocates and activists. The community needs people who will be proud of their identity, and that’s is something that can only be achieved by focusing on educational programs that mentor the young Jews.

Adam Milstein is using resources he has accrued from his role as the managing partner of the Hager Pacific Properties to support various youth initiatives.