The Growth of Sweetgreen with Nathaniel Ru

A small business plan and an idea is all Nathaniel Ru and his friends had when they decided to establish Sweetgreen. They were also in a dilemma like any other graduating college student. They didn’t know what they would do with their lives.

To make the situation worse, they could not convince a landlord to meet with them for a period of one month. This is because the landlord knew them as they were her hostel tenants. When they couldn’t stop calling her phone, she agreed to meet with them.

Before approaching the lady, the three gentlemen decided to seek counsel from the surrounding businesses and even the school administration. The landlord, on the other hand, advised them to look for a better business plan and a good architect and come back to her when they had accomplished this.

With the desire to succeed, they managed to fulfil the promises they had made to the landlord. Also, they prepared a good business plan. Nathaniel Ru notes that this is the first and the last time he wore a suit. During their grand opening, the three gentlemen failed to attract any customer. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:: and

This followed for the next two weeks, but they didn’t despair. Instead, they sought to find better ways to attract customers. During this time, they had an idea of introducing a music fair to the restaurant every Saturday and Sunday. To their surprise, this was the breakthrough as they began attracting customers.

Today, Sweetgreen prides itself as a more than a salad company. The company does not believe in the corporate governance, and this might be the reason why they don’t have a corporate office. Nathaniel Ru says that they believe in the decentralized approach as it makes every employee feel valued. The chief executive position is shared between the three gentlemen who founded the company.

Nathaniel Ru says that they have also succeeded partly because of their emphasis on local food products. This way, they can guarantee their customers that the food is healthy and it’s not genetically modified. At the moment, the company has managed to expand in many cities across the United States such as Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New York and San Francisco.

In the State of California, Sweetgreen recently opened a restaurant in Los Angeles. According to the Nathaniel Ru, they pride themselves in not only offering tasty foods at a reasonable price but also in offering healthy dishes. The also emphasis on hiring talented young people to work for the company.